Makin’ the Wedding Dress

My yarn came in!

wpid-20140304_165906.jpgoh Red Heart, you cheap, cheap girl

I had to order it as the pattern called for Fine yarn. Which, here go ahead. Get in your car. Drive to as many yarn selling stores as you can. Try to find Fine weight 2. Go ahead…

Actually, don’t. Because you won’t. Or at least I couldn’t find it. I guess worsted (which I think is 4?) is more popular. Or lace (weight 0). That’s about as close as I could get. So I ordered online from Red Heart and paid for 2 day shipping because the wedding isn’t getting any farther away!

I started the skirt portion!

wpid-20140304_195525.jpgdon’t mind the stitch markers. I am terrible at actually counting stitches.

wpid-20140304_210008.jpgand here we are!

I am  cruising right along, the pattern is working up thankfully quick, but I have a lot to go before June. Say a little prayer for me! I am not going to post the finished dress until I actually get married, so ya’ll gonna have to wait!

Have a good day, everyone!

edit 5/5/2014: the crochet portion is complete! you can view it here!


Wee Little Updates!

Good afternoon, everyone!

wpid-20140129_142203.jpgthis pin cushion is older than I am

A few things since I last posted:

I finally managed to haul myself and my injured knee to the gym for a run. It’s much better than it was and I did a whole MILE. My knee is much better. Annoying still, but much better. Hopefully I can get to at least a couple miles a day next week. Ugh. Take care of your knees!

Also, I got a paying gig to make a cushion for a chair for a friend of mine. She bought the chair for her makeup area and as it is clearly metal and not big on comfort, she would like a cushion.

wpid-2014013195101139.jpgit’s a really awesome very uncomfortable chair!!

So I bought some yarn for her and since she lives, oh, gee, about an hour away we spent at least 20 minutes sending yarn pictures back and forth. She selected this:

wpid-20140131_133847.jpgone of my favorites. good ole hobby lobby generic acrylic yarn. can’t go wrong!

I also bought some fabric for a tunic and a skirt:

wpid-20140131_133824.jpgrespectively. those are so loud i had to turn down my hearing aid. not to be worn at the same time.

Also, my romaine continues to attempt to join the plant hoard:

wpid-20140131_134935.jpgi’m real!

And I bought some beautiful free range pet chicken eggs from a good friend of mine. When your eggs are this beautiful and made by happy chickens, who can resist?



Last, but indeed not least, I made myself a pair of work pants, in black. Forgive my stupid pose. I am not good at taking pictures of my pants. Again, they are a bit big. I swear, the only sewing tip I apparently picked up from my grandma was:

wpid-20140129_153535.jpgMAKE EVERYTHING TOO BIG JUST IN CASE.

That’s it for now, while my fabric washes, I am off to the gym to try another mile. Hopefully two. We shall see! Wish me luck! 😀