Better Luck This Year?

The other night, my dear husband and I hopped off to the hardware store to get supplies for starting out seedlings indoors. Last year was so dreadful. Cold, wet, windy, nothing grew. We had to BUY seedlings. After PLANTING seeds. It was horrible. All that work. ILLINOIS HATED ME LAST YEAR. We had a terrible crop, I got, maybe 5 tomatoes, about 3 peppers and my body weight in zucchini, because ya can’t upset those apparently. Ridiculous. We didn’t even recoup our loss in paying for everything. Well, we were awful busy last year as well. But STILL. I refuse defeat!

This year, A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN WILL BE MINE! Starting with grow lights!

We already had a bench and light fixtures, we just needed the bulbs and to redneck rig something up. Okay, fine, it wasn’t a true redneck rig job as we did PURCHASE a few things.


a little of this


a little of that



Crisis 1 averted, now I took my afternoon off to plant the little seedlings. Funny story. I am excellent at hiding things from myself. Could not, for the life of me, find them. Where are they? Probably the last place I look. Obviously. That, I am not even kidding, took me an hour. I’m really good at Easter Egg hiding. *bang head here*

I scooped out some great compost from my worm bin and made mud pies. Because who doesn’t like making mud pies? Packed that into pots and planted three tiny seeds in each. In alphabetical order. Labeling them proved to be useless. I used masking tape and it just bled right off. So I’ll be singing the alphabet.


this is for my future referrance


found a worm egg, the brown spot towards the center

Lastly, lest you dream of me living in a winter wonderland, for those of you who maybe do not have to deal with 16″ of snow, enjoy how not pretty it is:


pictured: not pretty.

It’s not all bad. Have some pretty pictures too:


outside of cortland, il


outside of where I work.

 wpid-20150202_075739.jpgTHIS IS WHAT IT IS LIKE TO DRIVE THROUGH. I was (obviously) the passenger. 

Is it spring yet? And, who’s starting a garden!?!

Playing in the Worm Bin

Just went down stairs to check on them and feed them. Took some pictures for you to enjoy!

wpid-20140205_111221.jpgnot much going on with the pair of jeans. kind of disappointed.

wpid-20140205_111128.jpgwas a pineapple.

wpid-20140205_111629.jpgsomething trying to grow

wpid-20140205_111137.jpggarlic trying to grow

wpid-20140205_111709.jpgbaby worm!

wpid-20140205_111544.jpgit’s not ripe anymore.

wpid-20140205_111302.jpgmess o worms

wpid-20140205_111343.jpgwe like pineapple!

wpid-20140205_111442.jpgand eggshells!

wpid-20140205_111903.jpgworm egg

wpid-20140205_111246.jpgit’s a party

wpid-20140205_111400.jpgnow back to work! eat my garbage!!!

Regrow romaine? Take One!

So I keep seeing among my craftier friends Facebook posts how to “re-grow” your romaine from the butt end of a store bought one. Out of all the things I’ve seen grow in my worm bin (garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, et cetera) I have never once seen romaine try to grow. However, since I freeze my clippings first, I decided to give this a swing and try to eat it myself, instead of the worms.

Day one:

wpid-20140124_101657.jpgmakin’ a salad. a huge salad, apparently.

wpid-20140124_101745.jpgI SAY GROW NOW, DARN YOU!

wpid-20140124_101804.jpgdo you think anyone will notice it among the plant hoard? oh, look, there is a greyhound sized tennis ball hiding with the plants too.

So that’s basically it. Now we wait to see what happens!

feeding the worm herd

As my freezer was overflowing with kitchen scraps, I had to feed the worms today and took some pictures so everyone can enjoy!

wpid-20140116_084046.jpgthe top of the worm bin. i know, it’s very full. please note the old pair of jeans. they’ll get eaten eventually. it’s a 50 gallon bin, i believe

wpid-20140116_083931.jpgfor breakfast, we have coffee grounds, the remainder of a pineapple, some celery, romaine and butt ends of peppers.


to the right, you’ll see the remainder of a basil plant that was left outside this winter. in the center are some egg shells.


the middle is/was a carrot and there is a red onion skinwpid-20140116_084218.jpg

hungry little worms!wpid-20140116_084300.jpgi’ve read that you’re not supposed to feed worms pineapple, but they seem to like it, it’s hard to tell, but that is the last pineapple. not much left. also i have a large bin and a large population.

So that’s the tour! Hope you enjoyed! When I have more time, I’ll dig around a bit and give you a real tour, but I didn’t feel like digging around today.