Woman Cave.

Ugh, I came down with a nasty cold last night! It came on rather suddenly, I was out to dinner with the future in laws (which was a RIOT!) and was having a great time. I woke up at midnight FREEZING. Cold enough that I got three blankets and a hoodie and socks and was STILL COLD. Ugh!

So I called off work today and hid for a while. I am feeling a bit better now after a nap, so I decided to iron out some fabric for that skirt I plan to make. That was about all I could accomplish! I hate being sick! I did take some pictures of my “woman cave” to share. I do enjoy being in my sewing/crafting room. My fiance has his man cave, I have my woman cave.

wpid-20140207_161152.jpgironing with my tiny ironing board, look at that plant hoard!

wpid-20140207_161245.jpg wpid-20140207_161236.jpgpaintings my mother did on ceramic tiles.

wpid-20140207_161400.jpgmy great grandma Birdie’s writing desk

wpid-20140207_161347.jpgwho doesn’t like a nice cozy writing desk?

wpid-20140207_161434.jpgmy ugly chair. everyone needs an ugly chair. what is life without an ugly, comfortable chair? I crochet the silly pillows on it during an “ugly yarn” project. I love me some ugly yarn!

wpid-20140207_161504.jpgcrochet corner, WIPs

Last but not least, my amaryllis is starting to grow! Can’t wait for it to bloom. Last year it was gorgeous!

wpid-20140205_125657.jpgi’m trying!