100% Whole Wheat Bread Made From A Mother Starter (plus a few crochet pics)

wpid-20140127_123134.jpgWhoo hoo!

Finally got a chance to use my mother starter yesterday! I prepped the night before with a soaker and fed the starter and made the loaf pictured above. Then I decided, why not make it again, only with friends?

wpid-20140126_190001.jpgcompelling…needs wine…

wpid-20140127_082255.jpgmixing the soaker, the starter and some other ingredients…

So I called some friends to come over and drink a bottle or two of wine…which might be why I didn’t manage to get pictures of the loaves I made them instead of my poor burned loaf…but hey! It was delicious and fun!

wpid-20140127_082503.jpgproof that you can handle wet dough while inebriated…

wpid-20140127_103029.jpgi tried to make it pretty…this was before I was drunk, I made two loaves yesterday and that is why i needed a bottle of wine.

wpid-20140127_123134.jpgit’s…brown…? my hangover and i are hilarious today.

I am really glad I made that first loaf before they came over because as you can see, it is a bit burned. Honestly, I can’t put a finger on it, but a lot of times when I bake, I have to bake the bread for half the time called for. I mean, obviously it’s my oven, but it doesn’t seem to run hot. I don’t know, I just try to remember to keep a better eye on it. Their loaves cooked up in 20 minutes flat and were beautiful. The bread is delicious and moist otherwise. A nice crumb, I’d put up a picture of the inside, but, um, there isn’t much left. We are really good at eating bread.

Also, I’ve been looking at a lot of crochet blogs lately and had some definite afghan envy. I do crochet, when I am not drunkenly making bread. So real quick here are some of my afghans:

wpid-20131120_085037.jpga single crochet with a spike stitch stash buster WIP

wpid-20131114_115442.jpgthey greyhound approves

wpid-20131023_180927.jpgyet another greyhound approved blanket, this one was my first ever, so it’s a…something. that something is not square. it was supposed to be a ripple. i did make a queen sized ripple that is actually the correct shape, but it’s in the basement and i am too lazy (hungover?) to bother to take new pictures apparently.

wpid-20131113_120559.jpgmy reversible blanket, double crochet squares, one is a regular square motif, the other is, well just three rows of color. i made them the same size and then i single crochet the squares together and then slip stitched the whole thing together. whew!