Humphrey Says “OH HAI!”

Ah, my beautiful 3 Seasons Porch. I love when I can leave the door in the living room open and enjoy the breeze, or just sit and relax with the houseplant hoard.


Today, we had a visitor while I was attempting a nap. Obviously, since I was in a prone position, I had a dog and a cat on various comfortable spots on my body. I looked out at my beautiful porch,

wpid-20140610_124955.jpgIT’S HUMPHREY, a wild chipmunk that hangs around. He obviously speaks lolspeak

Humphrey: “O, hai! I’z in ur portchez. Looken at ur plantz. Dey nice. Lol.”

Cat: *shrug*

Dog: *shrug*

Me: CEREALLY?!!!!??! (see link and or video)

Humphrey: *dives back into hole in the floor*