Things To Do:

Things I have not enjoyed:

  • Going to the Social Security office to change my name. Ugh.
  • Writing 100 Thank You notes. Normally, I have no problem writing a note, but I’m a lefty, so Hello, Giant Black Smears.
  • Fighting with my computer to upload wedding pictures, I won!
  • Getting my haircut, ugh. Just a trim, but ugh.

Things I have enjoyed:

  • Making a pound cake from scratch. A pound of sugar, a pound of butter, a pound of flour. Yum.
  • Practicing embroidery, still a noobie, but I made this for a friend
  • wpid-20140710_173617.jpgdon’t ask what it says under the ruler.
  • Hanging out with my brother
  • Getting fitted for a man’s suit for a friend’s wedding. How fun! I dare say I look dashing.

All right, enough chat! Back to writing notes!

*leaves big black smears across paper*

*curses wildly*