Things I’ve Been Up To

Well, I haven’t been just dodging lemons and weeping into pints of Ben and Jerry’s while watching reruns of Ancient Aliens.

I have been drinking a lot of gin. But who doesn’t like gin?

Also, I convinced the fiance to buy a Jeep after A LOT OF USELESS STUPID THINGS happened to his Trailblazer. Here’s a pro tip we both learned: Don’t buy a freaking Trailblazer unless you want a paper weight that you pour money into. Anyway, now we have red and green Jeeps. We’re Christmas Jeeps! We’re sooooo cute, you’ll just throw up in your mouth.

Also I’ve discovered I should just drive 30 miles to The Awesome Mechanics* and avoid any other freaking mechanic unless they hand out lube at the door. I asked them to give me new wipers. Oh, they apparently did not. I discovered this in a rain storm when something resembling a black spaghetti noodle flung itself from my wiper and rendered the whole ensemble useless. Upon examination, it appears they glued new strips to my old wipers. Obviously, that went well.

*click that link and look at Mike’s face. OMG how can you not trust him? The half-grin amused “I guess I have to have my picture taken” picture. They are absolutely amazing, great work and excellent customer service!

I’ve been out and about, too:

wpid-20140419_072037.jpgbrave grape hyacinth

wpid-20140419_072009.jpgthe trees are waking up!

wpid-20140419_065955.jpgfound the local sewage treatment plant

wpid-20140419_064356.jpgtook a few lovely bike rides

wpid-20140419_064620.jpgat 6 am because i am clearly insane.

wpid-20140419_064602.jpgbut the light is the best at sunrise

wpid-20140419_064244.jpgit’s my favorite time of the day

wpid-20140411_092822.jpgsome flowers popped up before it snowed AGAIN.

wpid-20140411_092800.jpga bunch of happy

wpid-20140406_184136.jpgone of my succulents flowered, i wasn’t even aware they flower

wpid-20140415_131132.jpgthe dog said “f this s” to the snow

wpid-20140419_115314.jpgi bought some sewing patterns

I spent a lovely Easter with my family and friends at the Ancestral Blessings. 

Which was a riot. This time I didn’t end up muddy or with various pine cones in my Jeep.

wpid-20140420_170707.jpgit’s stupid beautiful out there.

wpid-20140420_165256.jpgno fish awake yet

wpid-20140420_165248.jpghere fishy, fishy!

wpid-20140420_164552.jpgcan’t wait til the grass grows up again

wpid-2014-04-21-10.46.33.jpg.jpegLet’s finish this on a high note, a stupid selfie with my cousin and fiance cropped out, I am not going to post pictures of other people without express consent. But we had an absolute blast!