Reuseable Produce Bags!

Yesterday, I sewed up some reusable produce bags. I’ve moved to bringing tote bags for groceries and stores for years (before it was cool, like when I was 7 and went shopping with grandma) but it always annoyed me that I still used those stupid little plastic produce bags. I’ve read about making your own from tulle and until very recently, did not have a sewing machine to make them. But I did it!

wpid-20140120_134816.jpgthey cost me 99 cents.

Many of the tips for making the bags suggested using yarn as a drawstring. I wasn’t sure about that, I’m a quick drop and go shopper and I don’t like to dawdle. The tulle sort of clings to itself enough that I feel this was the right decision, for sure. I  don’t usually make huge grocery trips. About once a month we stock up the freezer for meat and get bulk olive oil or toilet paper, but mostly I buy produce, nuts, beans and flour. We don’t use milk, or fruit juices or other bulky items typically. That’s just us. I make almond milk straight from almonds. All our bread is homemade. If I have totes, usually I won’t even use a cart or a basket, instead I throw my items right in the bag and then pull them back out at checkout.

Here’s with 5# of weight:

wpid-20140120_131205.jpgOr for more realistic people, bananas,

wpid-20140120_134639.jpgonly terrorists don’t like bananas

And here’s my haul today:

wpid-20140121_094130.jpgsnow peas, onion, romaine, bananas and oranges. oh, i also got frozen blueberries. 

If you make these, I would suggest to bring a small tote just for the little bags so you can get at them easily. Also I removed the produce from the bags when I got home. I landed the snow peas in a bowl with a damp cloth napkin and the romaine is loosely wrapped in a cotton towel. Everybody else can live on the counter.

So, PLAN PLAN PLAN and let’s stop wasting plastic bags!