Cinnamon Rolls and French Bread

What a baking day I had yesterday! I was finally getting over this cold and I decided I should skip one more day of work. But, um, I should, um, bribe my coworkers. With cinnamon buns. Because who couldn’t be bought by home made cinnamon buns?

wpid-20140211_060405.jpgain’t nobody. i could buy you with the smell.

Also I had to make bread for R, as she is trading me an ironing board. So I decided to try a french bread with 100% mother starter (since named Francine) instead of commercial yeast. So here we go!

Sunday I did the pre-frement, again with 100% Francine (mother starter) and I decided to omit the salt that I usually use in that pre-ferment because I have read (and noted) that mamma starter with her wild yeasty beasties tends to be a slower grower than commercial yeast.

wpid-20140210_092126.jpgpieces of the pre-ferment, mixing with the final dough

wpid-20140210_092244.jpgwhen i make bread and things are looking this shaggy, i usually pull it out of the bowl and just start kneading.

wpid-20140210_093632.jpgfrench bread on it’s way!

Phew! Now the cinnamon rolls. I’ve never made these before, so God willing and the creek don’t rise, it will not turn into a grapadora or anything other than delicious.

wpid-20140210_113831.jpgthere is a lot of butter in there…

wpid-20140210_114656.jpgnot going to lie, i tasted the dough, just to make sure it didn’t taste like a grapadora

wpid-20140210_144135.jpgand now we rest.

wpid-20140210_114755.jpgyou can see why i made enormous towels for bread baking. i can’t be the only person crazy enough to make two kinds of bread at once?

My plan was to do all the proofing and shaping for the cinnamon buns and then leave them in the fridge to bake off this morning. So they’ll be hot when I get to work. My cold shall be forgiven!

wpid-20140210_152110.jpgshaped baguettes. i never bother to score them. that’s just me.

wpid-20140210_145100.jpgthis is what rolled out goodness looks like. plus, i am an idiot.

wpid-20140210_145940.jpgcutting them down

And we rest…

wpid-20140210_152155.jpgbread takes a lot of rest. I took a nap too.

At about 5 pm I started to bake the french loaves and put the cinnamon buns in the fridge, lightly covered.

wpid-20140210_175528.jpg wpid-20140210_175514.jpgthat just looks tasty…

This morning I hauled my bulk out of bed at 5am (ok, I am usually up at 5am, but I’ve been sick!) to make the buns, hon.

wpid-20140211_051941.jpgfrosting. which is literally milk and powdered sugar. if you buy frosting out of a can, you clearly have not lived.


They took quite a bit longer to bake, but that’s probably because I am an idiot and cut too many. So the pan was overstuffed. Alas and alack, I made it work.


Whew! With an hour to spare before I have to bring these babies in, I am going to make some coffee!

wpid-20140211_063742.jpgafter the frosting soaked in a bit. damn, I should’ve saved some for my coffee!

Plant Hoard Tour

I totally hoard house plants. They’re taking over. I absolutely love houseplants. The more, the merrier! I figured while I wait for my pre-frement to warm up (there’s going to be a LOT of bread going on today! brace yourself!)

wpid-20140210_073654.jpgpictured here under a towel

I would show you around. I’ve tried to identify them to the best of my ability.


i can haz christmas?????

Obviously, there’s my Christmas Cactus, pictured as it is, this moment. Clearly, it needs a calender.

wpid-20140210_074520.jpgi don’t know…

This is a succulent that at one point was very neat and tidy and threw flowers up at me and then it turned into this…I don’t really love pruning my houseplants, I like them a little wild, so I let it be

wpid-20140210_074418.jpgmother in law’s tongue

My mother in law’s tongue, which in no way represents my future mother in law, aside from being lovely.


You might recognize it better with flowers, but I trimmed them off when they got wispy.

wpid-20140210_074617.jpg wpid-20140210_080431.jpg          baby rubber tree, peperomia

This one came to me from a grocery store for a dollar. It was originally in the world’s smallest pot, but it obviously appreciates the space

wpid-20140210_073732.jpgelephant bush keeps watch over the back yard

wpid-20140210_073814.jpgaccording to the pot, it is a “crassula species,” how specific.

wpid-20140210_073804.jpgsedeveria fanfare and a grafted “moon cactus”

The fanfare is a leggy mess, I am not going to lie. That plant lost it’s damn mind. All of the other windowsill succulents are fine, but that one is a brat. I’ve tried moving him, pruning him and all he wants to do is be an idiot.

wpid-20140210_074445.jpgwpid-20140210_074459.jpgaloe vera

That aloe vera is probably the second oldest plant I own, the oldest is a pothos, which is not pictured, but still lives, I promise. I have abused that poor aloe vera, left it in the sun, over watered it, et cetera, et cetera, but it always comes back and even has a pup. I don’t think it’s overly fond of the cold windowsill, but unfortunately that’s some of the best sun we have right now.


(turn this one all the way up to 11)