feeding the worm herd

As my freezer was overflowing with kitchen scraps, I had to feed the worms today and took some pictures so everyone can enjoy!

wpid-20140116_084046.jpgthe top of the worm bin. i know, it’s very full. please note the old pair of jeans. they’ll get eaten eventually. it’s a 50 gallon bin, i believe

wpid-20140116_083931.jpgfor breakfast, we have coffee grounds, the remainder of a pineapple, some celery, romaine and butt ends of peppers.


to the right, you’ll see the remainder of a basil plant that was left outside this winter. in the center are some egg shells.


the middle is/was a carrot and there is a red onion skinwpid-20140116_084218.jpg

hungry little worms!wpid-20140116_084300.jpgi’ve read that you’re not supposed to feed worms pineapple, but they seem to like it, it’s hard to tell, but that is the last pineapple. not much left. also i have a large bin and a large population.

So that’s the tour! Hope you enjoyed! When I have more time, I’ll dig around a bit and give you a real tour, but I didn’t feel like digging around today.