It’s Like Riding a Bike, Literally!

This morning I woke up:


and decided I needed a bicycle. Like now. Ok, the weather has finally been getting nice, so that might have been what put the bug up my butt about it. I went to the local bike store, talked to the guy about what I needed, something to tool around town in, nothing fancy.

He brought me out a beautiful black bike. I tried it out, liked it a bunch and then he brought me out a HIDEOUS yellow flowery bike. I then punched him. No, not really. I humored him and threatened to coat it in black matte spray paint. He brought back out the black one. Thank you. Did you know they don’t come with kick stands? I didn’t. Ok, fine. I got a kick stand. And a lock, obviously. About another $40 bucks. Let’s just say I blew my budget. Not out of the water toward the moon, but it made landfall. But, this is why I never buy things frivolously, because, dammit, I want a bike, I want it now and I want to spend good money on it. If I don’t buy silly things, like bottled water or knicknacks or really anything I don’t NEED, I can buy things I really, really want when I want them. Behold!

wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-03-11-10.45.27.jpg.jpgpictured: the bike! and my jeep in the background.

Our first trip I wanted to tool around a bit, but I did need to go to the grocery store and it really wasn’t that far from “tooling around a bit” in terms of distance. So I went to the grocery store. Aside from a minor bump in the snow, I survived just fine, thank you! I do remember how to ride a bike! Honestly, I haven’t ridden one in easily 7 years. Probably 8, and that was only for a minute. The last time I had a bike was when I was a teenager. I just realized that this is the first GIRL bike I’ve ever had. My last one was a boy bike. As you can see, I can swing my full skirts over the bike and protect my modesty. Because that’s a thing. Or was, whatever. I’ve crunched my pelvis before on a bike, so I don’t mind the space.

We (the bike and I) made it to the store! Look at us all fancy and environmentally friendly!

wpid-20140311_110823.jpggreen, as long as I didn’t fart

Anyway, I really had fun and plan to take it out again this afternoon. I do have to do something around the house before I can go outside and play!