Crochet Seat Cushion (includes cute animals)

wpid-20140204_154849.jpgit’s perfect…TO PUT MY BUTT ON.

Finally finished my friend’s seat cushion! It doesn’t fit the model chair, but it should fit hers:

wpid-2014013195101139.jpgcontrary to what you may suppose, i am not a table. really.

I can’t wait to give it to her! I did the ripple stitch from page 83 in your Crochet Stitch Bible (not even pretending to be kidding).

“Thou shalt CH 2, thence 2 DC in thy first sc. They thou shall sk 2 DC”

So spake thy Crochet Bible.

Here are some close ups:

wpid-20140201_122900.jpgthat is a terrible snake.

wpid-20140201_124831.jpgthis is how you use a tape measure, guys!

wpid-20140202_102309.jpghelpful. real helpful.

wpid-20140202_102336.jpgthis is why i can’t get anything done.

wpid-20140202_103808.jpgi…don’t…have…words…she did this to herself!

wpid-20140204_152744.jpgafter I chased away the fart party of pets


wpid-20140204_154920.jpgyou can tie it!

wpid-20140204_154914.jpgor also tie it. this chair is a terrible model. it’s too fat. it’ll never do runway.

wpid-20140204_155104.jpgOF COURSE THERE IS A GREYHOUND.

wpid-20140204_155228.jpgHOW COULD THERE NOT BE A GREYHOUND???

enjoy some Elvis: