And, Back to Fun Stuff

Okay, so I have been busy! I’ll give you my life story of the last few weeks in pictures I’ve taken! I also scrambled up some really cute pillows, but that’s more of a how-to post, so I’ll get to that when I’ve got a little more time to explain. Anyway, I’ve been quite busy and up to shenanigans:

wpid-20150531_115324.jpgi tie dyed some undies

wpid-20150521_135037.jpgmade some pillows out of old pillows, i’ll make a real post later

wpid-20150524_135631.jpghoarded more plants…

wpid-20150524_172936.jpgthe husband bought me purple mason jars

wpid-20150604_093015.jpgthe weeds are settling in nicely…

wpid-20150524_200145.jpgangie stole the cat bed

wpid-20150525_140808.jpgterrible roommates

wpid-img_0731.jpgwent down a really big blow up slide…

I am going to try to get to what you all have been up to! Missed you guys! If there’s anything I need to read, please post it in the comments! 😀