Liebster Award!

I won something?

*jaw falls out of mouth, falls off chair, lays on the rug for a long time*

I drew a picture to represent my excitement as I am fresh out of ridiculous selfies:

wpid-20140314_093448.jpgi am a freaking ARTIST!

In all seriousness though, a big thank you to Mollie & Claire, how fabulous! Go and visit, immediately!


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Per the rules, I have to answer thee these questions 11:
1) what’s your favourite yarn and why?

As much as I love good wool or cotton yarn in a beautiful color, I am such a sucker for acrylics. I need to stop. I need to dig deeper. Too bad there’s no good yarn shop around here!

2) if you could go on holiday anywhere (money no object), where would you go?

I would probably go to Colorado, it is the most beautiful state. I would like to live there one day. I am kind of a homebody, I have never left the United States and there is so much here that I doubt I ever will. Although, I do enjoy traveling through people’s blogs to where they live!

3) where are you actually going on your next holiday or trip away from home?!

I think Nashville, Tennessee; my friend is getting married there in September. I’ve been to Tennessee before, it is very, very beautiful. Drove through Nashville, but didn’t stop.

4) what is your favourite meal?

Oh, man. Whatever is put in front of me. I guess my favorite is breakfast. It doesn’t matter what it is, I love a good breakfast. There’s a diner by my house that is a total hole in the wall and they do a great breakfast. Totally against my normal eating habits, but you only live once!

5) are you a gardener?

Trying to be…? Ha, I am learning, God help me! I do love it though, there is something about getting your hands dirty and growing your own food.

6) do you always buy your yarn in the same place or do you shop around?

I usually hit up a chain store because there aren’t any local places. I would much rather go to a nice yarn shop, but there is literally not one for miles.

7) what thrills you the most?

Ooooh, good question! I guess I like new experiences, anything new. Trying something different, playing with it, taking notes. I am all about trying anything once!

8) TV or radio?

Well, I sort of use my TV as a radio. So I guess radio? I don’t really actively watch TV, I keep it on for noise mostly. Or I hop on the radio.

9) coffee or tea?

Both! I love coffee and I love tea! Coffee is my “busy day” drink and tea is my “relaxing and kicking back” drink.

10) do you trust yourself with beverages near your knitting or crochet?

Yeah, mostly. I am pretty good about keeping myself organized as far as space goes. Like if I am crocheting, the crochet goes on the surface that the beverage is not. However, I DO NOT trust myself with alcoholic beverages near crochet. Unless I want to make amoebas.

11) what makes you laugh?

EVERYTHING! I seriously spend all day laughing at myself, my dog, my cat, ridiculous situations, everything! My whole family is like that. Dinner used to be “who can make everyone laugh the hardest?” competitions. This morning while I was wrestling my bike out of my jeep I brained myself with the hatch of the jeep. It was hilarious! Just picture me, dragging a bike out of a jalopy of a jeep, wearing something like a Canadian Tuxedo, the hatch held up by a flag dowel thing, the flag thing falls, the hatch brains me, how is this not hilarious? I laughed. Maybe you had to be there…

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1. Tell me (about) where you live and what you like about it.

2. What is your favorite dessert?

3. What celebrity do you have a crush on?

4. If you had a million dollars, what would you buy/do first? Very first thing!

5. Tell me a funny story. You can be as brief or as long as you’d like!

6. What topic fascinates you?

7. Morning person or night owl?

8. What music do you listen to?

9. What was your last meal?

10. You had a very bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

11. What is your favorite cocktail, or non-alcoholic beverage?

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