Homemade Laundry Soap

Finally, I got around to making laundry soap! I’ve been meaning to for ages. Literally, like a year or two. Last week my coworker sent me a recipe she used. It was the push I needed.

Not that I don’t trust the internet, but seriously, this person exists and killed her own mother with her quackery. I mean, it’s your body, you do what you want, but good God. This woman makes me ill. If you want to be sickened more, read some of the comments from desperately sick people that need a doctor and not coffee enemas. Anyway, that was my little rant.

I kind of tread lightly when it comes to internet tips. The lovely wscottling from Willow’s Corner sent me a link as well and said she also uses it (see the comments)

So, on to the point, how did it go?

Well, I using the recipe from my coworker which matches Jillee’s post on One Good Thing (curtsey of wscottling) and I checked out a few other sites and found basically the same recipe. So I think I’m pretty safe here.

Gathering the supplies was a bit of a chore. I had to get a bucket with a lid (sorry, not fancy enough for a gigantic glass jar) and things that are, well let’s face it, uncommon.


I had to go to three stores to collect everything, but I succeeded! I refuse to go to that “w” store, by the way. Ya’ll know what I am talking about. I’d rather an extra trip. I also choose to omit the scent Purex crystals, because I can add it later and I want to at least see what this smells like first. I am not a fan of overly scenting everything.

Of course, let me line it all up for you and take a photo. That’s what the cool kids do, anyway.

wpid-20140421_111647.jpglaundry #selfie

We Have:

  1. Five Gallon Bucket With Lid
  2. Grater (for soap only)
  3. 4# of Baking Soda
  4. 4# Borax
  5. 3# Super Washing Soda
  6. 1.3# OxyClean
  7. 3 Bars Ivory Soap

And that’s that. I grated the soap and timed how long it took. It was 3 minutes. It would take me way longer to pull out the food processor and clean it that it did to grate soap. So, cool it there guys, it’s not too bad. The whole thing was done in 10 minutes. And that includes me dancing around and taking pictures and generally being a nuisance.

wpid-20140421_112309.jpgseriously, 3 minutes. a minute per bar.

I puzzled out how to mix it and ended up adding a third at a time and then stirring it.

wpid-20140421_112827.jpgthe oxiclean came with a scoop, yay!

That’s what I ended up with. I could’ve used a smaller bucket, I suppose. Whatever. The whole kit and caboodle cost me around $25-30 to make, including the bucket, lid and grater.

Let’s find something STINKY!!!

wpid-20140218_083349.jpga greyhound! how perfect!

No, I am not going to put the greyhound into the washing machine. However, she does have what we fondly refer to as her “stinkfort.” It’s a blanket we shoved under the bed for her to sleep in.  Which she does constantly. I mean, I think she’s awake for like 3 hours a day. I went in with a haz-mat suit and chased her out of her stinkfort.

wpid-20140421_112859.jpgtrust me, it smells.

It’s in the wash with a scoop of the stuff, so we’re going to see how it turns out! They say it lasts a year, so we shall see what happens!