My Bamboo is Growing…Something…

I replanted a few of the house plant hoard members today, as I had ample time and sunshine. Everybody looks much happier and refreshed! Some of them were quite root bound.

Remember my unlucky bamboo? Well a while ago it grew a new stem. I thought it was a baby plant but um, it’s something…


If you zoom in, you can see it is full of seeds! They look like grass seeds, appropriate, because it is a grass.

What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? (LINK IS NSFW from Blazing Saddles, probably the funniest movie [also NSFW] ever.) I’m not sure. I found a whole lot of nothing about seeds growing online. Hmmm, compelling. Strangely compelling. (NSFW, skip to 4:29 if you’re busy.)

I’ve got baby plants growing in my peace lily, two pups in the aloe vera and, one in what I think is a chinese evergreen. I’m not 100% sure because I took it as a cutting. We’re having a bumper crop of new plants this year! How exciting!

Ok, some SAFE FOR WORK for you for putting up with all that…

Thoughts about Clutter, Playing With Succulents and Stuff

This week has been crazy busy! Vacation, then work, work, work, then helping my friend move and then work and now, finally, I can get something that interests me done.

One of my friends’ moved to a smaller town about 10 miles away. It stinks because we were basically neighbors and could shout fart jokes and NSA watch list keywords to each other. Like any good American. But, alas, he moved to a new place and we helped him get packed and what not. While admiring his pile of worldly processions strewn on the ground, I came to the conclusion that I seriously need to declutter my space. When I moved in with that dude I’ll be married to in 27 days and 5 hours plus or minus a few minutes we basically were two households combining. I had a full apartment of kitchen, bath, bed and living room gear as well as his. I have always thought of myself as “move ready” such as most of my clutter (pictures, memorabilia, stuff like that) is stored in boxes and labeled. I just keep dragging them around with me. I am pretty good about keeping my things organized and away, but despite not buying anything since I moved in (except a small table at a thrift store and a few odds and ends from the same store) I still feel like I have too much stuff. I need to either display my pictures or par them down. Just this year, my grandmother’s house sold and I grabbed a bunch of odds and ends from there. It was packed to the gills, let me tell you. Just stuffed. She’d been living there for decades and was a bit of a pack rat. Organized, but man, mountains of stuff. I got some great bowls, plates, odds and ends and, my God, a full jeep hatch worth of photos. No lie. Seats down and everything. Full. Those have to be dealt with.

Since I moved in, I’ve tried to work some things around, but my decorating skills include: do nothing, suddeninspirationgetitdonenow. It’s been almost 2 years now, I really need to get on it. I’m thinking this winter, when it gets cold (who wants to play inside in the summer?) I am going to go through every inch of the house and par things down. From the bedrooms, to my closet, to the basement. Sell it, thrift it, give it away. We want to start storing food in case of emergency, or ay least have a system down. We’ll have more room for beer brewing, soap making (SOON WE ARE MAKING WEDDING SOAP, I PROMISE I WILL DO A BIG POST, REALLY, I’VE MEANT TO DO THAT FOR A WHILE WE JUST ARE TWO PEOPLE WE DON’T MAKE THAT MUCH SOAP) and really get our house organized. I am a wizard at organizing, or at least I was when I was by myself. My cupboards and under my cabinets were “faced” and I had “kits” that I set up for specific tasks, like a dog/cat grooming supplies, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies all organized in bins, labeled and put away. I could tell you verbally without looking where any single item was. Now that our households have combined, it’s been daunting to try and get two houses’ worth of stuff into one organized system. So, pray for me! 😉 Coming this winter! Hopefully I will have some tips for you guys as well, my first tip is: save your shoeboxes and other decent sized boxes. They’re essentially free and work just as well as plastic bins. Plus you can knock them down flat and store them easily.

My friend who moved lived with a roommate, who is a very nice girl and just getting into the dreaded plant hoarding. She’s get herself a decent garden and even a few plants I am jealous of. I gave her one of my baby spider plants and now it’s like 17 spider plants and might have eaten the couch. I talked to her a bit today regarding aloe vera plant issues she was having and hopefully she’ll be all sorted in no time. This inspired me to clean up my plant hoard a bit! Many of my succulents have a few years on their pots and have started to get quite impressive. Some have been turds. Looking at you, sedeveria fanfare. Ya jerk. I took the turd ones and clipped them down until they are just babies again and took a few clippings from my more successful succulents and combined them into one pot. What ever decides to live, wins.

wpid-20140601_104947.jpgclockwise, the turd fanfare, mystery weird plant that used to look like a flower, senecio radican, rhipsalis cassutha, the vaguely labeled “crassula species” and sedum “coral reef”

It’d be great if they’d all grow together to be a glorious display of succulents, but this is seriously the last chance for the turd succulents. I’m not asking them to look perfect, but looking for less Pink Flamingos and more To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. Ya know, crazy is okay, but not crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

My Formerly Unlucky Now Lucky Bamboo is doing splendid!

wpid-20140601_105623.jpgwe’re like, uh, Wesley Snipes in a dress? Sure…Whatever, lady.

There is still the little rogue in there, I am confident that it is a baby bamboo, very exciting! And my herb bed is finally growing things. There’s some rogue flowers in there, which I am going to leave. I guess I can pick herbs around a few flowers.

wpid-20140601_105022.jpgthe big white spot in the middle is a flower, I didn’t get a close up

wpid-20140601_105030.jpgdill and LOTS OF WEEDS

wpid-20140601_105039.jpgcilantro and LOTS OF WEEDS

I need to weed, badly, but until I know what is what, I am afraid to do it. I guess it will have to wait. Hopefully not too long, I’ve gotta have this place beautiful (or at least tolerable) in 27 days, 4 hours and plus or minus a few minutes.

On that note, I better finish making my wedding dress

Greyhound Shenanigins and Mystery Plant: Is a Mystery

So I moved my entire plant hoard out to the sun room yesterday where they will be much happier. I don’t miss them, yet. It gets to be quite a jungle here in the winter! Even so, the weather has been terrible. Cold and windy. Hopefully everyone does okay out there, despite the awful weather!

My seedlings are still just doing awful and I think next year I might invest in a grow light. It’s been either too windy or too cold or some combination of both and they are just miserable. I might have to buy potted ones at the store for my garden, which I am not looking forward too. Last year, they were growing like mad and couldn’t wait to be put in the ground, this year, I’ve had to replant and pray mostly.

But, we did have the future in-laws and out-laws over for dinner last night. I made pull apart rolls and we cleaned the house top to bottom. And then…

wpid-20140412_120636.jpgthis face…would never mess the carpet…surely, it was an imposter!

The greyhound ate a peanut. Now, big deal. One peanut. However, the greyhound, Angie, has about half her teeth. Which is quite common in Italian Greyhounds. To the point that when I was weeping to the vet “where did I go wrong?” she rolled her eyes at me. Hey, I brushed her teeth too! Anyway, she has about half left and does this magical, almost snakelike swallowing of food. Which is why I know she ate a peanut. When she decides to not chew these things, they come out exactly like they were only, um, muckier and give her the runs. On our freshly steam cleaned carpet. Thankfully the steam cleaner was still out.

After that, I decided to put her in her kennel to keep her calm and a better eye on her. She didn’t need to deal with a bunch of people running all over our house trying to feed he scraps. So the poor greyhound slept on blankets that I warmed in the dryer in her kennel. She’s got a tough life. Today she seems better, I took a half day off at work to keep an eye on her. She’s been chasing squirrels, so she must feel better?

Did I tell you she treed a possum? Idiot! She’s all of 17 pounds. We have a possum that comes in our yard, usually very early in the morning, like 4 am to 5. I’ve seen him a couple of times and I don’t really worry too much because he’s long gone by the time the greyhound decides to join the waking world, like 8 am at the earliest. Lazy creature. So the other day she decided she wanted to hang out with me in the morning around 6 am. I let her out right away and she turns into a streak of black headed for the corner of our yard. This thing can run fast. I see the possum, bumbling toward a tree and THANK GOD she slowed down, otherwise she would have been on top of him. Confused that he didn’t want to play with her and I was screaming my fool head off, she backed off. He hauled his bulk up a tree, we all stared at one another for a minute, mumbling apologies and then Angie decided to come in the house. She just can’t understand why the THINGS OUTSIDE DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH HER.

About that mystery plant. It showed up in my now-lucky-formerly-unlucky bamboo. Is it a new shoot? Is it another plant? Is it a ROGUE?

wpid-20140428_100148.jpgmuch happier. they still probably think I am a jerk.

wpid-20140428_100140.jpgwassssup, ladies!

How exciting! I can’t wait to see what it is! I was hoping to share some pictures of the plant hoard in their more natural environment, but it’s just too dark and dismal. Shall we plan for another day?