Jeep’s Back!

The Jeep is back!

wpid-20140314_125410.jpgshe’s a beauty!

Success! It was not the starter, it was the battery! Ha! Hurray for being right! There we a few other things that needed to be taken care of, such as the serpentine belt, which I have seen break and that is NOT a good time. And I forgot that I had a light out, so that was replaced. All and all, a fair price for the work and done in a timely manner. Of course, this month I bought a bicycle and now I get to add Jeep repairs to my bills. How fun! Oh well, good thing I’ve got some cash saved up. Hopefully the bike will reduce the city driving wear and tear on the Jeep.

It’s 52 degrees here! I opened all the windows, I don’t even care! The dog, Angie and I went outside and had a bit of a look around the backyard.

wpid-20140314_125853.jpgfound the suet holder! SQUIRRELS!

wpid-20140314_130109.jpgmy flamingos survived, not well, but they survived


Even Lucia, the cat, got into the shenanigans:

wpid-20140314_130227.jpgdon’t ask why there is a hammer in that picture. my 3 seasons porch is currently a seasonal closet, apparently.

I am so glad! It’s a shame I have to go to work this evening, but at least I have most of my day to enjoy the nice weather!