Infinity Scarf and Other Problems.

Finished up my infinity scarf! As I am bored to tears of taking selfies, I had Angie model for me. She doesn’t mind at all.


this…this will involve a treat later, right?

I made it rather thin and long so I can loop it several times around. I love the colors. It’s keeping me toasty in this beautiful Illinois freeze party. ย The pattern is from, oh man, one of my first projects, a tote bag. I liked the pattern for the strap so well, I just used it to make a scarf. I decided to make this one a little tamer than my other one. Angie modeled that one as well for me. I have no idea where the original pattern is, I think it was from a book at the library, but it’s basically a double crochet decrease, increase in the middle, decrease. There’s more, obviously, but I don’t want to give out the pattern. That’s unseemly.

In hilarious news, my pants are ridiculously too big for me. The only thing holding them up is my knees, I think. I look like I am smuggling diapers. I tried on a size three sizes smaller which I had on hand, but it’s just too small still. Damn. At least my work pants are okay, they are carpenter pants and are entirely more functional than “fashionable pants.” They have pockets that work. Plus I wear long johns under them at least for now. So I guess I’ll just look silly for a little bit.

I’m up to 3.5 miles running wise, off the recovery program, YEY! So now I get to make it up as I go. I considered running farther, but I didn’t want to set myself back. I think I’ll shoot to get up to 5 miles in the next two weeks, God willing and the creek don’t rise. Just slow and steady. Maybe I’ll be back at 6 miles by summer, wouldn’t that be fabulous? Maybe then I’ll fit into my teeny tiny pants!

Follow Up

Follow up with the doctor today about my knee. Seems fine, I’ve been running on it like a champ, slow but steady increases and not a lick of pain or even discomfort. Glad I can give him good news! After that, weather prevailing, I’m going to get some pictures to share with you a true Northern Illinois Snowstorm. We got 16″. No big deal.


Oh, Make Me Over…

I’m all I wanna be.

Super duper vanity post. But, as my life has slowed down to a normal pace, I have nothing on my hooks, sewing machine or in the oven. I’ve been reading, ok? Stephen King. I get lost in books sometimes. Oh, trust me, there is a To Do List. I have another baby blanket, paid in full. I have the fringe on that infamous poncho. Oh, I did send my baby fishies home with my mother in law. Not sure if they made more or not. I would wager that, as Giorgio Tsoukalos would say “The answer is YES!” They are quite the breeders.

Anyway, back to me being vain and what not…I got my hair cut…


always with the stink face…

I just…needed a hair cut, man. I am totally not kidding. The last time I got a hair cut, it was one of those cheap and quick ones. The girl did do a good job, but my hair is just, not anyone’s friend. I got a really awful cut like a year ago (hint, WAY TOO MANY LAYERS!!) and my hair just hasn’t been manageable since. I’ve been putting band aids on it, but seriously, this person cut a layer that is, now at least a year later, only three inches long. So…that means it was like an inch long. I’m not kidding. It was soooooo bad. And there were a LOT of layers. So it was constantly getting tangled. Ugh! So I went to a real salon. God help me, the woman was like “whoa, who in the actual cut your hair like that?” I just, had no comment. I asked her to take off as many of the layers as possible. So that’s where we are. Ugh, I’m not super pleased. I mean, yes, it’s not constantly tangled, but man, it’s short for me. She couldn’t get that stupid 3″ layer, so I’m going back in 6 weeks, maybe we can get it out then. So stupid. Don’t let children cut your hair. This is what I get since my hair cutting friend left me for Chicago. She cut my hair perfect. All I had to do was buy her dinner. Oh and, one final note: “JUST BECAUSE I DON’T PUT ANYTHING IN MY HAIR DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HAIR, THANK YOU.” I was bleach blonde for a bit back in the day. I know how hair works. I think I annoyed her with my whole no poo thing. She talked to me like I was born in the back of a greasy spoon. But oh well, as long as she gets the damn layers out and I can go back to growing my hair.

Ok, so good stuff! I’m down 13#! Whoot whoot! And my muscles are coming back! I was so depressed after my knee problem (ahem, NO THANKS OBAMACARE.) I just stopped going to the gym and lost my lady guns. I look, like, 1000000xs more like myself.


just, don’t ask about my #selfies. long story, inside joke. involved teasing one of my friends who brained herself with a wine bottle.

This is right when I gained a bunch of weight:


#ancientaliensshirt from, like, my first post?

I’m pretty happy about that! I knew as soon as I got running again, things would get better. At the time, I was just like FORGET THIS.ย  You can’t run 20 miles a week and then just stop and expect nothing to happen. Onward and downward? I’ve got about another 20# to lose and I’ll be back to my old self again. Anyway, I’m going to go read my book. Tomorrow, crochet. Ta ta!

A Hot Mess.

All right guys, I’ve got two hours before physical therapy, so I figured I could let you guys know what is going on!

Firstly, physical therapy! The doctor seems to think I have some wear and tear on my left knee. He took x-rays and I got to wear some really unattractive shorts, which, frankly, I would have felt less awkward in my underwear. We took some interesting shots and I got to see what my bones look like. How weird is that? From the pictures, you can see that one knee is a little more worn than the other. He opted for some physical therapy to see if we can straighten that out. It seems, especially when they were putting me through the moves, my right side is stronger and more balanced than my left, which would explain things. Weird, because I am left handed, but whatever. I get to look very silly and do some very silly exercises. My knee is not hurting at the moment whatsoever, but I’m not putting any stress on the kneecap, just the muscles surrounding it. Today, I go in at 10, so we’ll see what the guy says.

Next, omg am I fat. I crossed the “fat threshold” line. Boo!! I’ve gained 30# since I hurt my knee! My doctor wasn’t surprised, you can’t go from running 20 miles a week to the couch and expect to eat the same. I mean, I am not surprised either, I knew it was happening, but I figured, eh? be fat and happy while your knee’s hurt. But this is really too much. So I joined Calorie Count, which is AMAZING. I’ve used the website before. As long as you have a will, it totally works like a charm. It’s super easy to use and as long as you’re honest, the comes off. It’s not a race, it’s one day at a time. You can find me under firebirdpink if you want to make sure I’m not cheating! I’m eating roughly 1400-1800 calories a day with my “mild stretching” aka physical therapy. I’m down four pounds, but I’m sure that’s mostly water weight. If you do want to try out Calorie Count, don’t use their recommended intake. It’s always too low. Go to a BMR calculator, which calculated the calories you use if you were in a coma and not moving. Never eat less than that. Also, check out their forums, great information there. All right! Enough on ewww dieting.

Thirdly, I’m taking the plunge and trying to sell some crochet stuff on Facebook. Sorry, I can’t give you my page, because it is under my fake name and I use my page to tell off color, horrible, bad jokes that you don’t want to read. It’s locked up tight as heck too. I need my ranting space! If it takes off a bit, I’m going to make a real page an of course I will provide a link. I’m not holding my breath, I put the prices fair, as in me being paid a wage to make the items. So they’re all around $40, payment up front, custom as requested. We’ll see. Wish me luck!

Fourthly, sebum only hair is still in the works. I’m up to two weeks before it gets to the point where I need to wear it up. Patience, patience, patience!

Fifthly, of course! I have pictures.

wpid-20141103_073734.jpgmy christmas cactus is blooming!

wpid-20141108_101122.jpgjust a pretty view of Elburn, Illinois.

wpid-20141102_162329.jpgmy greyhound is ridiculous.

wpid-20141102_091653.jpgFormerly a poncho, turned into a rug. My first go at fringe.

wpid-20141029_171403.jpgmy rescued peace lily, it finally flowered after three years! it was such a mess when I first got it! Stinky and full of dead roots.

wpid-20141028_104810.jpgmade a new work tote bag. it has an inside pocket, which is fabulous!

wpid-20141101_175625.jpgrandom pretty sunset

Okie dokie! I’ve got about 10 minutes before I need to hop in the shower, so I’ll be reading away! Hope you all have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s Like Riding a Bike, Literally!

This morning I woke up:


and decided I needed a bicycle. Like now. Ok, the weather has finally been getting nice, so that might have been what put the bug up my butt about it. I went to the local bike store, talked to the guy about what I needed, something to tool around town in, nothing fancy.

He brought me out a beautiful black bike. I tried it out, liked it a bunch and then he brought me out a HIDEOUS yellow flowery bike. I then punched him. No, not really. I humored him and threatened to coat it in black matte spray paint. He brought back out the black one. Thank you. Did you know they don’t come with kick stands? I didn’t. Ok, fine. I got a kick stand. And a lock, obviously. About another $40 bucks. Let’s just say I blew my budget. Not out of the water toward the moon, but it made landfall. But, this is why I never buy things frivolously, because, dammit, I want a bike, I want it now and I want to spend good money on it. If I don’t buy silly things, like bottled water or knicknacks or really anything I don’t NEED, I can buy things I really, really want when I want them. Behold!

wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-03-11-10.45.27.jpg.jpgpictured: the bike! and my jeep in the background.

Our first trip I wanted to tool around a bit, but I did need to go to the grocery store and it really wasn’t that far from “tooling around a bit” in terms of distance. So I went to the grocery store. Aside from a minor bump in the snow, I survived just fine, thank you! I do remember how to ride a bike! Honestly, I haven’t ridden one in easily 7 years. Probably 8, and that was only for a minute. The last time I had a bike was when I was a teenager. I just realized that this is the first GIRL bike I’ve ever had. My last one was a boy bike. As you can see, I can swing my full skirts over the bike and protect my modesty. Because that’s a thing. Or was, whatever. I’ve crunched my pelvis before on a bike, so I don’t mind the space.

We (the bike and I) made it to the store! Look at us all fancy and environmentally friendly!

wpid-20140311_110823.jpggreen, as long as I didn’t fart

Anyway, I really had fun and plan to take it out again this afternoon. I do have to do something around the house before I can go outside and play!

Wee Little Updates!

Good afternoon, everyone!

wpid-20140129_142203.jpgthis pin cushion is older than I am

A few things since I last posted:

I finally managed to haul myself and my injured knee to the gym for a run. It’s much better than it was and I did a whole MILE. My knee is much better. Annoying still, but much better. Hopefully I can get to at least a couple miles a day next week. Ugh. Take care of your knees!

Also, I got a paying gig to make a cushion for a chair for a friend of mine. She bought the chair for her makeup area and as it is clearly metal and not big on comfort, she would like a cushion.

wpid-2014013195101139.jpgit’s a really awesome very uncomfortable chair!!

So I bought some yarn for her and since she lives, oh, gee, about an hour away we spent at least 20 minutes sending yarn pictures back and forth. She selected this:

wpid-20140131_133847.jpgone of my favorites. good ole hobby lobby generic acrylic yarn. can’t go wrong!

I also bought some fabric for a tunic and a skirt:

wpid-20140131_133824.jpgrespectively. those are so loud i had to turn down my hearing aid. not to be worn at the same time.

Also, my romaine continues to attempt to join the plant hoard:

wpid-20140131_134935.jpgi’m real!

And I bought some beautiful free range pet chicken eggs from a good friend of mine. When your eggs are this beautiful and made by happy chickens, who can resist?



Last, but indeed not least, I made myself a pair of work pants, in black. Forgive my stupid pose. I am not good at taking pictures of my pants. Again, they are a bit big. I swear, the only sewing tip I apparently picked up from my grandma was:

wpid-20140129_153535.jpgMAKE EVERYTHING TOO BIG JUST IN CASE.

That’s it for now, while my fabric washes, I am off to the gym to try another mile. Hopefully two. We shall see! Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ˜€