Salutations, everyone!

wpid-20140102_194058.jpgi’m very excited to be here. or it’s the bucket of rum i am working on.

My name is Brittany Mary and I secretly want to learn everything. I’m trying to push the boundaries of what I have to buy from the store and what I can make at home, or thrift or even trade for.

wpid-20131231_114242.jpgit’s exhausting.

I crochet, bake bread with a mother starter named Francine, compost with worms, hoard houseplants, garden, sew, make soap, don’t use shampoo and embroider. Some of these skills I have become very good at, some I am still learning, which is why I invite you to enjoy the process with me! I love to seek out tips and ideas from others and I love sharing the knowledge I have learned. I love to make things and love to learn new ways of doing things!

I live in Illinois about 60 miles from Chicago. I am married to a wonderful guy! We got married in June of 2014 and all the shenanigans are posted in this blog under “wedding” which if you go through and read you will discover I was insane enough to make my own dress, all the food, favors and have it in my backyard. I am so happy with the whole event, it went rather flawlessly and now I am thrilled to getting back to my normal crafty and bizarre shenanigans!

wpid-20140202_081400.jpgmy helper/hinderer, angie making a stinkface.

I have an Italian Greyhound, Agnes, whom we call Angie. She is also known as Pants (I thought it would be funny to scream “PANTS!” and “WHERE IS MY PANTS?” when looking for her. Spoiler alert: It’s hilarious.)  Also I call her Stinkhound. She’ll respond to any name that involves shaking the treat bag. Her favorite activities are running as fast as possible or being asleep under a blanket. Preferably a blanket I am working on. She’s a funny little dog. Always up for shenanigans!

wpid-20141021_185306.jpghe watches you make stool

I had a ridiculous kitten named Abraham, also known as Trouble Kitty (or Mr. Ham). He was at the shelter and decided to sit in my purse, so obviously I couldn’t say no. He’s very fun and well behaved. And spoiled. Took about 5 different types of cat treats before we found one to his liking.

I also have a fish tank with leopard danios and diamond tetras. Also I have a bin in my basement with approximately 5000 composting worms in it. I like feed the wild birds outside, well, mostly the squirrels have been winning, but I do enjoy watching them. I am trying to get more knowledgeable about wild birds. We also have a few resident bunnies and chipmunks that hang around outside.

My dream is to own a small farmstead, with a big garden, greenhouse, alpacas, goats and chickens and to be completely self sufficient. I don’t know how long it will take, but I eagerly embrace the challenges one small skill at a time!

If you have any questions, you can always email me at


17 thoughts on “BMARY

  1. Hi! As you may know, I have been following your blog and enjoying it. I’d like to present you with the Liebster Award because of the wonderfulness that you post. Information is on my blog, but I want you to know how much I enjoy what you do.

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