The Jeep Apparently Got Jealous of the Bike and the Sewing Machine

Le sigh. My Jeep, beloved Jeep, 1996 Cherokee Classic with 258,217 miles on it started complaining yesterday. Brief aside: I saw a commercial bragging that “they had more cars with over 100,000 miles on the road than any other car company” and I laughed so hard I had to go outside, gather more oxygen in […]

Regrow Scallions (Take One)

get in the groove and let the good times roll, we’re gonna stay here til we soothe our soul Way back in the day, you can ask brittlynnstalker, she knows, I was poor as dirt. Like, no sheets on the mattress on the floor, no dresser, no TV, not even a garbage can poor. We’re […]

Holiday Touring

By invitation of sarcasmica in this particular post I was asked to answer some questions about holidays and request that others do the same! It’s always a fun “getting to know you” time! The request was made some time ago, but unfortunately (actually, fortunately) I have been so dreadfully busy I haven’t had a chance. […]

Taking a Break

So I know I haven’t been posting much at all, and not for lack of going ons! I did work on that commercial I talked about, it went lovely. My good friend got married in a beautiful ceremony. My brother had a wonderful birthday. We’re dog sitting a very silly collie named Dolly. I discovered […]

Flower Hoarding

Jumping in, after cleaning the basement, guestroom and planting some flowers! I need a break! I smell terrible. The basement cleaning was like the Running of the Spiders. I went to the gardening store to grab some “wedding flowers” aka “excuse for buying too many flowers that will come back next year so whateva.” Flower […]

Thoughts about Clutter, Playing With Succulents and Stuff

This week has been crazy busy! Vacation, then work, work, work, then helping my friend move and then work and now, finally, I can get something that interests me done. One of my friends’ moved to a smaller town about 10 miles away. It stinks because we were basically neighbors and could shout fart jokes […]

Vienna Bread, Pitas, Trouble Makin’

well done, sir! Just want to get this out of the way: My goal from last Monday to this Monday was to not drive my Jeep. SUCCESS! It took a little maneuvering and extra trips, but I only used my bicycle! And I worked a full gazillion hours! Granted, I did carpool for a few […]

Things I’ve Been Up To

Well, I haven’t been just dodging lemons and weeping into pints of Ben and Jerry’s while watching reruns of Ancient Aliens. I have been drinking a lot of gin. But who doesn’t like gin? Also, I convinced the fiance to buy a Jeep after A LOT OF USELESS STUPID THINGS happened to his Trailblazer. Here’s […]