Stash: Busted?

As long ago promised, I finished the stash busting blanket of shame! I worked an extra day this week so it was a little crazier around here than usual. Because, ya know, my life is so dull. Anyway, here we are:




quite wild.

I’m so very glad that it’s done! It was fun, I’m not going to lie, but man, it’s over! However:

The Stash Continues…

I cannot believe how much yarn I have left. Two baskets and about a half dozen mostly full skeins left over. Ridiculous how much yarn I have! So, phase two.

I, BMary, shall not buy new yarn* until I have completely gotten rid of my stash.

*excepting (1) baby blanket and anyone who offers me money to make something

God help me, I’m going to get rid of this mountain! Next on my hooks are potholders. Lots and lots of potholders. I am going to make them until it is all gone! ALL! And give them ALL away. I’ll be busy…


the beginning of the end…

Wish me luck! And if you have any stash busting suggestions, let me know! 😀

11 thoughts on “Stash: Busted?

    • That’s pretty nifty! As soon as I get, ahem, more stash, I’ll probably hit that one up! Right now, my color range is boring. Black, white, red, more white, slightly off white, greyish white. Ugh…! 🙂

  1. At last, a minut of free time to tell you that your blanket is amazing!! And the pot holders are adorable!I have stored the pattern in my Raverly library 😀

      • I would like to!!! I was arranging my stash of yarn this morning and I have found some nice yarn for them… since we will be a bit busy with a move in the next few month I have to postpone the pot holder craft but as soon as we settle down I’ll do some of them 😀

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