One quick thing…

I made it to 5.5 miles running last week. I was able to do it twice. This week, I’m aiming for 20 miles over the whole week. Monday I did 5.5, today I did 2. Wednesday I hope for 5.5, Thursday, 2 and then Friday another 5.5. So, wish me luck! 🙂

2 thoughts on “One quick thing…

    • Thank you! It took a while to build up to it, but there’s this certain, almost Zen like moment, where I feel like I can run forever. So that’s what I’m always chasing. The treadmill shuts down after an hour, so with a brief warm up, I get 5.5 miles. One thing I’ve found that really helps is to walk for about 4 minutes, run for 4, then walk for another two. For some reason, when I start like that, it helps get the gears shifting easier. 🙂

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