I’m still kicking! Oh my oh my have I had a bunch of BORING stuff on my plate. Okay, not all boring, but I’ve been knee deep in research (you know how I am, BE SURE TO LISTEN IN TO THE PRIZE AT THE END!!) on a project I plan to kick off this summer. More about that when the ball gets rolling. Also! I made something! Well, it’s for a certain crafty crocheter who sent me a BEAUTIFUL package of goodies. Her stitches are so neat and perfect, like, you wouldn’t believe. Looking at her stuff in real life is ridiculous. I don’t know how she does it. So, be sure to check out her blog, Tatie’s World, because really, THOSE PERFECT STITCHES! My project for her is actually from my work, at the factory, which I don’t talk about much because, well it’s hobby related, but it’s not my hobby. We make kits. I am not going to spoil the surprise, but we make kits that people put together. Sure, I can tell you what parts go in the box and how to print graphics on them, but I have never put them together. So, I did. Obviously the most spectacular and skill demanding one. Which required pleading for assistance. Because I am an idiot. But it’s all done! Maybe I’ll take home another kit one day and show you guys.

Other than sniffing glue (hint) I’ve been reading up on the summer project and well, being boring. I’ve also been obsessed with bandanas. Omg, working in a factory means you need to keep your hair out of your face and I’ve gotten real tired of the pony tail. So, BANDANO-RAMA!!!


in my finest disgusting hoodie and rocky horror picture show shirt

Well, I went junking with one of my friends while my husband was nursing the flu, which I thankfully avoided. I would like to thank good night’s sleep, plenty of water, nutrition and exercise for the skipping of that pandemic. So I found some fantastic vintage scarves at one store for a dollar a piece! I bought three. Duh. While attempting a hand wash (as I do with all my lovely things) the colors started to bleed. Whoa! Got them out of the pool right quick. So now what? Apologies to your grandma, but I’m not wearing unwashed scarves.

I busted out my trusty ironing board and turned it on to HOT. That seems to have killed off enough of the heebie jeebies that I felt more comfortable putting them on my head.


now they even look pretty


I think it’s cute! definitely good for no poo hair!

I’m just a bundle of excitement lately!

Soon, we’ll be starting the seedlings, so there’s that pile of fun, worm bin stuff and I’m almost done with my recovery running (I’m at walk 5 minutes, run 25, walk 5) and hoping and crossing my fingers that I can do a 5k this year. Still no knee problems! Whoot!

7 thoughts on “Bandano-rama!

  1. Scene: me sitting at my computer,eating an apple (I love apples, they are simple and delicious in the same time..), reading with pleasure and gratitude your post, then suddenly I stop chewing my apple because a big question mark appeared over my head: “what the hell she put in that parcel…. ?” …. You made me such a delicious “review” that you moved me to tear! Indeed!Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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