What’s Going On?

I hate doing these “well, guys, sorry I’ve been gone for ages hehe here’s what mischief I’ve been up to har har har” posts.

Things have calmed down tremendously, I’ve been focusing a bit on trying to sell some crochet, which has been going mediocre, I don’t have an inventory, so it’s been word of mouth. I post pictures of finished products and tell people I can repeat that for a fee and in a week. I undersold a baby blanket, I sold it for $30, when I could have very well asked much more, but I’m trying to get my name out there. I want to have a demand. But that demands quality and uniqueness. I can’t just make pot holders and I can’t sell things for bottom price.


it was a crochet sweatshop, the customer’s sister, whom the blanket was for, SURPRISE! went into labor early.

Recently, in case you’ve been under a rock, THIS AMAZING THING has been blowing up in the crochet group. I magically ran into Simply Crochet UK issued 25 at my local JoAnn Fabrics. Lord knows, I’d seen that issue about 10000000000 times posted in various crochet groups. I snatched it up, how lucky am I, from Illinois, USA to get such an infamous issue from the UK? I honestly got super lucky. I went in because I had bought some seahorse fabric from another store and forgot thread. I’m an idiot, but a lucky one. I waltz in, grabbed my thread, checked out the magazine rack and POOF! There it was in it’s cowl neck poncho glory. I am starting that, you bet your behind, first thing tomorrow.


my sea ponies tote bag. One for me, one for a friend. It’s how I roll.

And, but of course I got yarn for Christmas, a couple skeins in a pretty purple. I made an infinity scarf, but it’s not my color.


my “not my color!” face

So I originally planned to put it up for sale, but a friend had one of THOSE days and to cheer her up, I gave it to her. Yarn was free, time wasn’t much, friend was very cheered.

My next project is another infinity scarf, this one in colors better suited for me. I’m using two strands of worsted to give it a fuller look and a more interesting color. I’m working single crochets, first in the front loops, then in the back loops (as you can see in my NOT MY COLOR scarf) to create a nice texture. It’s pretty easy. I’m hoping it will catch the eye of people, and maybe lead to a sale or two. Or twenty. Twenty would be great.

I’m still working on my running recovery plan. It got a bit stalled because of the holidays, but it’s going good! I can run 15 minutes (run one minute, walk one minute, repeat) without any pain, which, I’m not kidding, makes me dance on the treadmill.  This is why people don’t talk to me at the gym. I was practically skipping I was so happy. I’m like, the only person grinning like an idiot while running. I just LOVE to run. It’s very satisfying. Also, I’m back to lifting weights. I’m up to 15# dumbells. I was at one point, before my knee decided to poop the bed, lifting 25# dumbells. Sigh, it’s like starting over. But I definitely am stronger.

I’m working on some goofy resolutions, I’ll tell you about them, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow when I have all day to, ya know, write an actual entry and not just ramble. It’s late, I can’t take very good pictures and I’ve got the whole day off tomorrow!

So I hope this satisfies for a bit, and here is a picture of Abraham, who is also known as Mr. Ham Sandwich, warming my towels:


9 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. Hi,Bmary,nice to have you back 🙂 Happy new year and all the best!!! Please,can you tell me your foot size?My Xmas rush is over and i can easily find time to make you a pair of socks… do you have any colour preference… ?

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