WHOO HOO! Somehow I survived my insane work schedule! Yey!!! I lived! Don’t ask me how. Anyway, I’ve been very busy, obviously. I had an ugly sweater party, which was a riot, made a bunch of tote bags for Christmas, made a baby blanket for sale, still managed to run a bit here and there and a whole pile of ridiculousness! Too too too much to blog about! Also, I injured (mildly) my middle finger at work today so OF COURSE the minute I have time to blog, I’m sitting here wrapped in bandages (maybe a bit dramatic, but really, I clipped myself pretty good, the kind that requires super glue) so it’s kind of a pain to type! So, I’m going to organize my thoughts and get back to you all on Friday, provided I don’t fall to pieces!

Thank you all for being patient, I didn’t expect to be worked this hard! I’m going to come up with some resolutions (I’m so lame) and other fun experiments to try on myself and I’m sure we’ll all have a good giggle.



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