Holiday Touring

By invitation of sarcasmica in this particular post I was asked to answer some questions about holidays and request that others do the same! It’s always a fun “getting to know you” time!

The request was made some time ago, but unfortunately (actually, fortunately) I have been so dreadfully busy I haven’t had a chance. Now, today after physical therapy, I called into work “snowed in” because mommy dearest Mother Nature decided to dump snow everywhere. So here we go!

Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

this is just for sarcasmica, I mean, you can listen too, but moderate cursing and um, it’s about lady things and yeah. you were warned. NSFW.

1. Do you celebrate this day of leprachauns and everything made-up?

I prefer to refer to it as Amateur Hour. Although it is fun to watch kids get all silly drunk. I’m not at all Irish. But we do make a corned beef, per my Irish aunt’s request and drink dark beer.

2. If you had a leprechaun, rainbow, and bucket o’ gold what would you do with them?

Head scratcher. The leprechaun I’d feed to the cat. The rainbow I would probably mount on my Jeep like a trophy. The bucket of gold would be rolled in and then invested into pretend USA currency.

3. Are you in favor of the leprechaun traps or are they a giant waste of time made up by the Pinterest coven to make all the ‘normal’ drunk-on-green-beer moms feel like gross underachievers?

I. Hate. Pinterest. It makes me roll my eyes so hard it could be mistaken for a seizure. Sure, I love crafty things, but I can’t stand the “perfect picture photshopped angel baby kisses farting rainbows and blowing sunshine” attitude. Everyone I know who is on Pinterest, real life people, seem to cheese things up way too much. I went…to…an event…sorry not sorry person who invited me…that was clearly Pinterest inspired and I spent the entire time, wearing my perfectly glittered and stickered nametag (upside down, as is my custom) trying not to dry heave. They RENTED the perfect shabby chic decor. RENTED. Like it’s difficult to find shabby chic decor. Like you have to go on a mysterious journey aka make a mild effort to try to find shabby chic decor. Hold on guys, this $500 rental shabby chic decor so speaks to me because I am clearly shabby chic and creative enough to hire someone to do it for me. Phew. Thanks for letting me get that out. What was the original question? Leprechaun traps? I’ll just put a box of wine under a giant box held by a stick and wait till Pinterest Mom comes around. I’d rather be an underachiever than pay people to have taste for me. Oh and I almost forgot, I am fairly suspicious they PHOTOSHOPPED ME THINNER in the pictures after the event. I mean, I’m kinda fat right now, but I’m at least honest about it. I ain’t gonna lie, who am I going to lie to? I don’t have a whole lot of shame about things.

Okie dokie! My holiday! I’m choosing Halloween! It is my second favorite holiday and my targets are wscottling whom I’m sure will have interesting commentary as always and mollieandclaire because I see she had some interesting thoughts on Hallowe’en.

1. Do you participate in any festivities and do you dress up? Bonus if you share a picture

2. If you could make certain aspects of the holiday more popular, what would they be?

3. Weirdest costume/thing you saw?

Thanks everyone! I’m going to get some tea and back to catching up! Ya’ll been busy!


17 thoughts on “Holiday Touring

    • Well you did it right, there are so many who do it wrong. So wrong. And you made all the stuff, right? So it doesn’t count as “pinterest” if you actually make it. That’s my theory.

      • My friends and I all pitched in an made everything (okay, we had the Achievement Unlocked banner printed but that’s because we didn’t have the proper equipment! I designed it though). Other than that, it was a group effort, and mostly Pinterest inspired.

      • I can’t. My sister or friend might read it. But put simply I hate them. They are hell on earth. Why invite a woman with no kids??? Who doesn’t have any small mummy chitchat?! After one particularly hideous one of my nephew’s, I told my sister that I was willing to pay towards the party as long as I didn’t have to go. I just had to tell my godson’s mother that the same applies next year. I did go to his second party last Sunday.

      • Oh my, I know just how you feel. Ugh, I hate kid’s parties. I don’t mind kids, but the kid+ other kids+moooooooooommmmmsss make me crazy. Thankfully, most of my cousins and what not are too young for kids, but too old for brattiness. Or I just avoid it. They know I’m not messing around. LOL

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