A Hot Mess.

All right guys, I’ve got two hours before physical therapy, so I figured I could let you guys know what is going on!

Firstly, physical therapy! The doctor seems to think I have some wear and tear on my left knee. He took x-rays and I got to wear some really unattractive shorts, which, frankly, I would have felt less awkward in my underwear. We took some interesting shots and I got to see what my bones look like. How weird is that? From the pictures, you can see that one knee is a little more worn than the other. He opted for some physical therapy to see if we can straighten that out. It seems, especially when they were putting me through the moves, my right side is stronger and more balanced than my left, which would explain things. Weird, because I am left handed, but whatever. I get to look very silly and do some very silly exercises. My knee is not hurting at the moment whatsoever, but I’m not putting any stress on the kneecap, just the muscles surrounding it. Today, I go in at 10, so we’ll see what the guy says.

Next, omg am I fat. I crossed the “fat threshold” line. Boo!! I’ve gained 30# since I hurt my knee! My doctor wasn’t surprised, you can’t go from running 20 miles a week to the couch and expect to eat the same. I mean, I am not surprised either, I knew it was happening, but I figured, eh? be fat and happy while your knee’s hurt. But this is really too much. So I joined Calorie Count, which is AMAZING. I’ve used the website before. As long as you have a will, it totally works like a charm. It’s super easy to use and as long as you’re honest, the comes off. It’s not a race, it’s one day at a time. You can find me under firebirdpink if you want to make sure I’m not cheating! I’m eating roughly 1400-1800 calories a day with my “mild stretching” aka physical therapy. I’m down four pounds, but I’m sure that’s mostly water weight. If you do want to try out Calorie Count, don’t use their recommended intake. It’s always too low. Go to a BMR calculator, which calculated the calories you use if you were in a coma and not moving. Never eat less than that. Also, check out their forums, great information there. All right! Enough on ewww dieting.

Thirdly, I’m taking the plunge and trying to sell some crochet stuff on Facebook. Sorry, I can’t give you my page, because it is under my fake name and I use my page to tell off color, horrible, bad jokes that you don’t want to read. It’s locked up tight as heck too. I need my ranting space! If it takes off a bit, I’m going to make a real page an of course I will provide a link. I’m not holding my breath, I put the prices fair, as in me being paid a wage to make the items. So they’re all around $40, payment up front, custom as requested. We’ll see. Wish me luck!

Fourthly, sebum only hair is still in the works. I’m up to two weeks before it gets to the point where I need to wear it up. Patience, patience, patience!

Fifthly, of course! I have pictures.

wpid-20141103_073734.jpgmy christmas cactus is blooming!

wpid-20141108_101122.jpgjust a pretty view of Elburn, Illinois.

wpid-20141102_162329.jpgmy greyhound is ridiculous.

wpid-20141102_091653.jpgFormerly a poncho, turned into a rug. My first go at fringe.

wpid-20141029_171403.jpgmy rescued peace lily, it finally flowered after three years! it was such a mess when I first got it! Stinky and full of dead roots.

wpid-20141028_104810.jpgmade a new work tote bag. it has an inside pocket, which is fabulous!

wpid-20141101_175625.jpgrandom pretty sunset

Okie dokie! I’ve got about 10 minutes before I need to hop in the shower, so I’ll be reading away! Hope you all have a great day! 😀

12 thoughts on “A Hot Mess.

  1. Oh, and good luck with physical therapy! Glad your knee is feeling better. I hear you on the “getting fat” thing. I’m at 1200-1600 calories a day, but my thyroid and other maladies keep adding the pounds to me. I’ve gained 60 pounds since my thyroid went. It sucks! I worked so hard to lose nearly 100 and keep it off for five years. Now it’s coming back in leaps and bounds and there isn’t much I can do about it.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to rant on your space. >_< Just wanted you to know you're so not alone in that. ^_^

    • Please, rant away! Let it all out, Lord knows I’ve done the same! My knee feels fine actually, but the PT hasn’t tried to make it angry yet. I can’t wait until I can run again. This is ridiculous. Apparently I’ve been standing wrong my ENTIRE life. Ya ever lock your knees? APPARENTLY most women do and APPARENTLY that hasn’t helped with my problem. Thanks, body! What a pal. Standing wrong my entire freaking life. I looked at the PT like he had spiders coming out of his ears.

      Does the doctor have any recommendations or is he still fiddling around? My doc told me to “eat the mediterranean diet” and I just laughed and laughed. Sure, that’s basically what I eat, only I just really like to eat. Check my calorie profile thing, if I’m lying, I’m dying. Didn’t make a change except eating less. I should probably go for a walk to get some anger out!

      • I noticed the whole knee-locking thing when I was young, but not in time to save them I guess because my knees are one of the most painful points on my body. Hurts if I sit too long, hurts if I stand too long. Hurts to stand (go from sitting to standing). I can walk from one end of the Earth to the other given enough time and my knees won’t bother me, but my lungs are giving me trouble with that right now. Stupid body.

        The problem with the Mediterranean diet (for me) is that it’s very veggie heavy and my stomach doesn’t like vegetables — well, most vegetables. Anything that’s “good” for you, whole grains, leafy greens, fruits and nuts, will have me on the floor wanting to die. I usually control my weight with portion sizes. Worked great when I lost it last time, but this time… it’s just my body rebelling against me again.

      • Ugh, maybe ask your doctor if you can hang out with a physical therapist? Not that it will help with your lungs, but maybe they have some ideas? It sucks that you have so much freaking trouble. I can’t believe they haven’t figured something out for you yet. And I hate portion sizes. I hate them passionately. I can’t imagine not being able to at least eat, what I lovingly refer to it as, vegetable slop. Whole mess of veggies for a whole mess of food. Although one time when I was on the diet train, I refrained from eating very much all day because I really wanted to eat an entire carton of ben and jerry’s ice cream. Not my most shining moment. But delicious.

      • I just now started seeing a PT, but they’re concentrating on my shoulder, which I seem to have strained somewhere along the way. They’ll get around to my other parts later, when I have full movement of my shoulder (right shoulder, right handed, it’s a pain).

  2. Where to start….?Firstly,GET WELL SOON!!! Secondly,please,can you explain me how you manage to catch your greyhound having such funny ridiculous expressions… he seems fooling you on purpouse…. 😛 Thirdly, Illinois is spectacular!!!I wish I could come and visit the States once!!Fourthly,I love your tote bag!!!!Further on,your plants are gorgeous!!!! Should I continue with the list….?

    • Well firstly, thank you! I’m hoping to be right as rain soon. I don’t think much can be done for the damage already done, but if I can work around it, that would be wonderful! Can’t wait to hit the ground running!

      Secondly, my greyhound is incredibly silly and has no teeth so the tongue thing happens a lot now. I think she likes making me laugh. She has been escaping out of the yard lately, bad little thing. Caught her hanging out at the neighbors, quite comfortable.

      Thirdly, Illinois is quite lovely! I just forget it sometimes because I am so used to it. It’s mostly plains and fields and peppered with some forests, but when you see cornfield, soybean field, corn field all day, you kind of forget how nice it is! I’ll get some good snow pictures this year, it can be quite dramatic because you can see very far.

      Fourthly, THANK YOU! I love it too! I couldn’t resist the fishy print! Only took a few minutes to sew up the pattern is here: http://www.purlbee.com/2010/05/07/mollys-sketchbook-the-twenty-minute-tote/ I should have linked it earlier, but I was in a hurry. I simply added a pocket to the inside under the hemming. I’m going to make many more for Christmas this year.

      Fifthly, THANK YOU again! I try hard to keep my plants blooming and in proper order! It’s nice to have flowers in the winter.

      😀 😀 😀

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