Be A Sinner and Sin Strongly (Eat S’mores)

Be a sinner an sin strongly, but more strongly have faith and rejoice in Christ.” –Martin Luther

it’s about John, but same theme?

Martin Luther, the great reformer. Nailed 95 Theses on the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517. He married a nun. I think he was a stand up guy. I’m an old school Lutheran. I keep silverware in my pocket in case of emergency pot lucks.

Now, I am all about eating healthier and making food from scratch. I see little merit in pre-made box food. I see even less merit in canned frosting. My God, it’s powdered sugar and milk, if you can’t mix that, you need some exorcising.

But, I am also a firm believer that life is freakin’ short and you have to live a little. Ain’t nobody want orthorexia. That is just foolish. I can’t stand when someone won’t eat something just because it’s not spinach leaves and mustard. True story. I’ll tell you all another time. People be crazy.

I have my personal weaknesses, funnel cake, corn dogs and ice cream are the usual suspects. But I’m also a big fan of s’mores. Maybe I just like burning marshmallows. If you separated the ingredients, chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow; you’d be hard pressed to get me to eat them. Not a chocolate fan. Crucify me, I just really don’t care that much for it. Maybe I just like the process, the campfire, finding a perfect stick, skewing a big fat (gross) marshmallow and lighting it on fire until it’s a molten goo. Slap that on chocolate and graham cracker, I’ll eat it. I sin a little, to spite the devil.

When Mamie’s Toffee, a friend of a friend somehow on the wonder of the Facebooks, shared a blog post from Five Heart Home called S’mores Dip, I was sold. I sent out invites for guinea pigs to come help me eat it. It’s pretty basic, you need a cast iron skillet, butter to grease the pan, chocolate chips of your choice and marshmallows. I’m leaving steps out, click the link if you want to know how to make them.

wpid-20141021_210106.jpgforgive me Father, I am eating processed food…marshmallows aren’t even marshmallows

After I managed to twist a few arms, I had a hearty crew to test it out. Oh man. It’s good. An excellent party trick.

wpid-20141021_215534.jpgdon’t burn yourself…pro tip…

And I love a good party trick. Pop in oven, impress all. Who doesn’t love that? Dip in graham crackers and get melted chocolate-marshmallow heaven and IRL likes.

So forgive me, I have sinned. But all in good faith.

9 thoughts on “Be A Sinner and Sin Strongly (Eat S’mores)

  1. “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” I read that in a book somewhere. I’m sure it’s in the Bible, but it’s been a while since I’ve read the good book. If you don’t sin once in awhile, you can’t go forth and repent. πŸ™‚ After all, no one’s perfect.

    • Luke 5:32, I had to look it up of course, I’m not that cool! One day I’ll tell you how I screamed “blasphemy” during Sunday school and was deemed entirely correct in my assertion, that indeed, one of our cute little coloring books was completely blasphemous. You’d think someone besides a 10 year old would pick up on that before publishing.

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