We’re on Borrowed Time.


On Thursday evening, my old cat, Lucia,  made it quite obvious she was not feeling well. We’ve known for a quite awhile that her kidneys are slowing down. The next morning I called the vet like a forlorn ex girlfriend and rushed her in. He ran the usual battery of tests, but our initial concern was the fact that she smelled like infection. We were given clindamycin and sent home. The next morning, Lucia smelled much better and we received word from the vet that her kidneys are almost tired out. However, Lucia insists that she receive her quota and beyond of cuddles before she leaves this mortal coil. Our option is to make her comfortable by providing fluids, through an IV starting Tuesday. Since the infection seems to be clearing up and her attitude is much more lively, we are of course doing this. We’re on borrowed time, but we’re going to make the best of it. If you pray, I ask you please drop a note for a comfortable hospice for Lucia and for us, the wisdom to know when to let her go home.

She’s is currently glued to my lap (pretty typical for her, she loves her cuddles) and purring away.

Thank you, and I will keep you updated,


6 thoughts on “We’re on Borrowed Time.

    • Thank you so much! I’m trying to stay optimistic, I’m hoping for at least another month hopefully more, she is a tough old cat, so we’ll see. I’m just glad the infection didn’t take her away. It was pretty dicey for a long night. Like I said, she’s much more herself again, and if that fluids help, even better! We’ll ride this out til the end.

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your beloved puss is reaching the end of her allotted time. There are tears for both of you in my morning coffee today. I hope she goes peacefully. I don’t pray, but I’ll send positive and peaceful thoughts your way.

    • I’ve cried some tears, but I know the end is coming, which is some comfort. I am grateful we have time to prepare. Thank you very much for your kind words. I am confident we still have some good days left still.

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