The Stock Pile Begins

Well, apparently I am at the age when going to Costco to get a membership to start a stockpile is an excellent “date night.”

Cue the giant “L” on our foreheads. It stands for “LOL AREN’T WE COOL?”

Regardless of our standing in the cool kids club, we had been discussing starting a stock pile since, like forever. Like, since we started dating. We weren’t really sure where to start. I am a terrible stockpile kind of person, I am very strict about what I buy and I will not purchase food stuff that I don’t have a plan for using, in it’s entirety, within the week. I know, I know. This is coming from the person who hoards used water jugs, a cat food bag and rocks.

This took a bit of thinking. Obviously, we would need to keep the pile rotating, use old stuff, replace. It would need to be stuff we actually use. I didn’t want to end up with a bunch expired food I didn’t want to eat.

The ball really started rolling right before the wedding when I went with one of my buddies to Costco. I knew about wholesale stores but I thought they were very unpractical for me because (a.) remember, I lived completely by myself for years (b.) I didn’t realize the prices could be a lot better than what I was used to (c.) see above about the whole “use within the week” and lastly (d.) you have to pay to join. Since we were feeding 100 guests, I sent a shout out on my Facebook to see if anyone has a wholesale club card. The first person to reply was an old buddy of mine and he had Costco. This was right around when everyone (at least in America) was shouting about raising the minimum wage (no comment from me, sorry, no politics) and Costco was like, um, did that, k thanks. If you recall, I am trying to put my money where my mouth is and support places that aren’t jerks. Waaaaaaaaaaaallllllllfart. Ahem. Sorry about that. Don’t know where that came from.

So we went into Costco. We fiddled around, mostly I was price checking, taking notes and then I saw…50# of bread flour. My God. For under $15. And then I saw basmati rice. A huge bag. I think it was 15# for $13. I took both home immediately.

Flash forward. We started discussing actual, real things we could use in a stock pile. Stuff for making soap, flour, rice, beans, peanuts, olive oil all of that. I bought those particular items for the wedding food, and we still have leftovers, but are cranking through them at a decent pace. Suddenly, it seemed feasible. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we saved on wedding food, much less the leftovers. We have a deep freezer and we have a basement to store stuff. I bought some containers to long term store the flour and rice, et cetera. We started bouncing items back and forth that we would definitely want in bulk.

Cue our cute little date night, first we walked the entirety of the store, checked prices, and picked out things we would need. Some prices were not so great and some were awesome, so we took our time. We ended up buying birdseed (gotta feed my birdies!), frozen fruit, Jack Daniels (God help me), more peanuts, lots of beans, lady mattresses (think about it), tooth brushes, hand soap, Mexican Coke (as a treat, it has real sugar, not like American), dish soap, cinnamon, peppercorns, quinoa and a few other things. We spent quite a bit, but it is an investment, not a shopping spree. We will use all of these items in due time and they were considerably cheaper. It was really a lot of fun.

Our next step will be getting it organized. Right now, half is in the basement, half is in the garage and some is in the pantry. We’re going to tackle that either on a rainy day or in the winter, whichever comes first and we have time for. So, sorry there are no pictures! Like I said, it’s kind of all over! But, if the zombies come, we’re ready!

7 thoughts on “The Stock Pile Begins

  1. I thought you might like her blog/books because y’all are in the same… if not state then climate so the stuff she talks about (canning, gardening, etc…) might apply to you more than me in the desert. 🙂

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