How to Blog Like BMary

In the grand tradition of my family, if you can’t make fun of yourself, you’re probably rather dull..


  1. Put on Ancient Aliens shirt
  2. Pick a moderately interesting topic
  3. Ramble incoherently
  4. Post a ridiculous amount of pictures
  5. Take some weird selfies
  6. Get weird
  7. Post completely useless links everywhere
  8. Add really nonsensical tags
  9. Hit publish button
  10. Cry hysterically and regret all life decisions until someone likes post
  11. Cheer wildly if someone likes post
  12. Tell everyone how cool you are if someone comments on post
  13. Put on sunglasses
  14. Repeat

10 thoughts on “How to Blog Like BMary

      • There’s a public service announcement that comes with that goes like this: Folks, be aware of this. Lawn flamingos may seem kitschy and adorable, but they can pick a T-Rex clean in under 90 seconds at this time of year. Be careful. Use a trusted anti-flamingo spray before venturing outdoors. Let’s be safe out there.

        But it didn’t copy over with the picture. 🙂

  1. And I thought it was just me that threw myself to the floor, screaming like a 2 yr old in full tantrum mode until someone hit the like button… seriously I do, beloved steps over me while muttering under his breath ‘Fer sake please will someone just like her flaming post, I can’t here the ruddy TV’

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