Another Jeep Load

I went again to help unload some things from my grandmother’s former house. She has passed and for a while my brother was living there. But now, the house must be sold and we are all flailing to get it sorted. I’ve mentioned it briefly a few times, I am saving the majority of pictures for the winter, when I will have ample time to sit inside and examine them thoroughly. But I thought I would share, what I hope is, my last Jeep load of things.

wpid-20140724_122817.jpgmy mother’s (she has passed) paintings of birds on ceramic. she did a ton of these, hoping to sell them for $5 back in the 70’s. the detail is insane. one day, i’ll show you paintings she did on eggshells.

wpid-20140724_125928.jpga drawing my mother did of my father. if you look close, you can tell his eyes are blue.

wpid-20140724_125439.jpgplates and mugs, engraved with my name, my brother and my sister’s (my sister has passed) I try not to forget my sister, even though I never knew her.

wpid-20140724_125642.jpga very dusty picture of my brother and I. my brother often has that far away “wish I was doing anything else” look. he still has it.

wpid-20140724_130155.jpgwords of wisdom…from the beatles and grandma. she used to write little notes and thoughts and tape them in her cupboards.

wpid-20140724_130130.jpgwho are these people? i’m not sure.

wpid-20140724_130258.jpgsome of my grandmother’s notes on our relations

wpid-20140724_130205.jpgabout her pets, I never knew Barney, but I remember Spoons and Stein. She neglected to mention that Spoons was often referred to as “Poodie” and was the laziest creature to walk the earth. And Stein was the master of drool and could drag a human child via leash. Stein was a fun dog. Cabana (aka Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong) was her last dog, inherited from a friend. Cabana was put down last year, but that dog had a great life. Fat as a house. I think she got a waffle with peanut butter every morning. You know what she would do? My grandma would make TWO bags of popcorn, per day, for the birds outside. TWO.

wpid-20140724_130742.jpgthis has a story. my great grandfather had a friend who was dying and trying to finish his coffin on time. His friend offered this violin if he should pass before the coffin was finished and my great grandfather could finish it. the coffin was finished and we have the violin.

wpid-20140724_130357.jpgmy grandmother wrote out her life story. on whole two pages. she forgot to mention the time she got mad at a crossword puzzle, quietly turned it over and wrote “CRAP.” on the back of it. or that when she would laugh really hard she would snort.

And for now, it all sits in the basement. Eventually I’ll get it all organized. I’m sure you all know, you’ve been there. But, for example, a picture of my grandma’s dog, Spoons. Do I need to save that? Should I save it? There’s 100 of them. What to do? What to do? Saving it for a snowy day, then I’ll make some decisions.


2 thoughts on “Another Jeep Load

    • Thank you! It’s going to be quite the adventure when I get around to organizing it! Something tells me I’ll be buying a lot of picture frames!

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