Things To Do:

Things I have not enjoyed:

  • Going to the Social Security office to change my name. Ugh.
  • Writing 100 Thank You notes. Normally, I have no problem writing a note, but I’m a lefty, so Hello, Giant Black Smears.
  • Fighting with my computer to upload wedding pictures, I won!
  • Getting my haircut, ugh. Just a trim, but ugh.

Things I have enjoyed:

  • Making a pound cake from scratch. A pound of sugar, a pound of butter, a pound of flour. Yum.
  • Practicing embroidery, still a noobie, but I made this for a friend
  • wpid-20140710_173617.jpgdon’t ask what it says under the ruler.
  • Hanging out with my brother
  • Getting fitted for a man’s suit for a friend’s wedding. How fun! I dare say I look dashing.

All right, enough chat! Back to writing notes!

*leaves big black smears across paper*

*curses wildly*

7 thoughts on “Things To Do:

    • I went in to get the last of an old dye job cut off/bad haircut fix. A long while ago, I got my hair cut and the girl went NUTS with layers, so my hair tangled like crazy and felt damaged, but was not. I made a few attempts to fix it myself, which helped, but I needed my hair to be sort of the same length before I rid myself of it completely! I wanted to wait till after the wedding, just in case a lot had to be sacrificed. It’s much better now, she took about an inch off. Ugh, I hate going to professional hairdressers, but this one literally did exactly what I asked, no funny business, just a trim and get out. I asked her to access and even out the layers and trim any damage. Really, she did a perfect job. I did make her promise not to give me a mullet.

      I have some crazy hand cramps, but the thank yous are all done and ready to be mailed!

      The pound cake was great, I brought it to my uncle’s house for his birthday. A bit of a pain to make, in my opinion, probably because I’m used to yeast bread, not cake. But it was really good and I’m sure I’ll make it again!

  1. Thank you notes are why they invented computers and word processing programs. We (meaning I) used Word, with it’s mail merge utility to create a template, then fill in the blanks. Thank you ____ so much for the ______. We will _______ (treasure it always, use it well, spend it wisely, display it proudly, etc… depending on what it was). and other smarmy stuff that goes in thank you notes.

    I have arthritis in both hands. There was no way I was writing out all those thank you notes. Plus, with Word and Mail Merge, it not only filled in the blanks, but addressed all the envelopes too. So, double bonus! Of course, it helps if you know how to use Word and Mail Merge… ^_^

    • I don’t blame you! If I had a printer that was more of a printer and less of a paperweight, I probably would have! But it wasn’t so bad, just tedious and smeary. Damn left handed ness!

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