While making cookies…8 dozen…

I took this picture of one of our wedding vow options. Um, wow. Enjoy! 🙂


Also, I’m going to buy ALL of this:


People be crazy, yo!

See y’all soon!


16 thoughts on “While making cookies…8 dozen…

    • Haha it’s actually kind of joke, my aunt wrote us some even nicer ones, I just thought those were fun, do you know who Dr Seuss is? He wrote kids books that were amazing, and those vows based on one of his books. I thought they were fun, but not for me! 🙂

  1. Haha I’d have loved to see the expression on the vicar’s face in our medieval church if I’d asked for those. We were a bit hypocritical getting married in a church as my husband is an atheist and I definitely flutter around agnosticism but it made my Granny very happy.

    • Sometimes, you’ve got to! I’m a liturgical Lutheran (wannabe Catholic, basically) but I prefer to embrace all religions or not religions. We could all argue, or we could all just get over it and enjoy life! 🙂 my aunt is marrying us, and she’s a pagan. Whatever! 🙂 We did ask her keep the ceremony a bit more on the Jesus side, she doesn’t mind.

  2. My hubby and I said our own vows and I meant to say “…but if you turn into a zombie I will totally shoot you in the head” into mine. But he said his first and his were so heartfelt I left that part out. I now wish I had said it. He would have loved it.

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