Putting My Life into Some Semblance of Order…

as opposed to one long fart..

Yesterday I decided I’d officially had it. I used to be frighteningly organized, my apartment consistently beautiful and clean and hot damn, did I like it. Well, the last few years have been full of changes, some wonderful and some terrible. It takes 30 days to make a habit and apparently a huge clusterfart of life events to completely break them.

I’ve had enough. Time to get my ducks in a row. Yesterday I bought a weekly planner and set to work. The best way to keep your place in consistent tip top shape is to write down EVERY SINGLE LITTLE CHORE EVER that you might have to do. Make a huge list. I did that yesterday in between being attacked by the molder. Include everything. Then I broke that list into Weekly, Bi Monthly, Monthly and Bi Annually things to do. Obviously I don’t have to clean the top of the fridge every week, but once a month should suffice.

After the lists had been compiled, I broke my week up. I take Sunday and Saturday “off” and I divided the chores between the remaining days. Each chore takes about 10 minutes, so that’s maximum, 20 minutes per day. Aside from normal things, like laundry, dishes, feeding the dog/cat things. Therefore, I just have to kick myself in the back end to get up and get it done. I assigned about 2-3 things per day, some days more, some days less. Also, I left an open gap for one off work day. I typically get 2 days off a week. On an “off work” day, I assigned more in depth tasks, like vacuuming, and any of the monthly or bi-monthly tasks. It sounds like a lot, it really does, but if you keep up on tasks, they don’t pile up. Do I need to wash the windows inside and out every week? No, but that time is saved for that particular activity. I can make a judgement call.

I feel like I should stop for a second. I am crazy efficient. Frighteningly efficient. Before I started this, I walked the dog for a half hour, replaced a button, cleaned my windows, dusted all the furniture,Β  made pitas (they’re rising, 10 minutes left) fed the worms (going to do a post if I have time today), went to the store, swept, wrote down a recipe for a Bridal Shower, RSVP’d for two weddings, talked to the lady who’s selling me ice cream for my wedding, did half the laundry and dishes from breakfast. I started writing at 9:15. I’ve done better. I’m still shaking off the cobwebs. When I lived by myself, I once timed how long it took me to drive to the store, buy a full week’s worth of groceries and leave and put them away. Ten minutes. If I’m lying, I’m dying.

The key for me is having a one To Do List. Just one. Usually I keep it in my head, or write it on a post it. I arrange anything I have to do for timeliness, such as pitas first, they have to rise, what time the store opens, et cetera. It takes about 30 seconds to write down and it allows me to do things better and faster.

I hope this maybe gives you some ideas, if you need a little organizing help, or at least you laughed at my fart joke. Hopefully I get some smoother sailing around here so I can continue my crazy shenanigans! If I have time (I’m starting the wedding dress finale as soon as the pitas are done, then work, EW!) I’ll tell ya about my wormies!

Have a good day!

8 thoughts on “Putting My Life into Some Semblance of Order…

  1. I wish! I need to get that back on track, I used to be crazy efficient with daily matters and now since I’m crazy efficient with the big stuff, the small stuff just gets out of hand!

    • Totally understand! Seriously, I’ve been trying to kick my own ass into gear for months! I’m a slacker! You’ll get there, you’ve just got to figure out a routine! πŸ˜€

  2. I tried being organized once… it was the worst five minutes of my life. ^_^ All joking aside, some people are meant to be organize and others are not. I’m the latter. It’s just not in my blood. I can organize things like a fiend because my brain likes things to BE all neat and tidy, for a minute or two… but keeping them that way? Yeah, not in the cards… I think I wrote a post about this a while back…

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