Trying to Make Sense from Nonsense in the Garden

Yesterday was a very, very busy day for us. Finally, it’s sort of maybe turning into spring. Well, actually I think we’re going to ram, back end first, straight into summer. Welcome to Illinois. Our weather is terrible. Regardless, we had to do a lot in one day. I wanted my herb bed done, we had to gather some Mother’s Day stuff. I got my aunt a fuchsia and my future mother in law a calla lily as I am obsessed with both right now.

First thing in the morning I went out to start working. I am an early riser and possibly insane. The garden looks just charming:


And my hopefully-soon-to-be-herb-bed looked, um, a lot like crabgrass

wpid-20140510_073113.jpgcrab people, crab people

How fun! So I started off with forking over the garden so it could be tilled. That took a good hour or so. Then I moved over to the herb bed. We also tore down the old chicken wire fence, to be replaced when we plant, hopefully on Monday.

wpid-20140511_065641.jpgi found some dirt, you guys.

wpid-20140511_065551.jpggrow, dammit!

Beer was clearly in order after that. I did make pizza dough, which I am not really good at. I don’t know why pizza dough eludes me, but I rarely make it and I really don’t love pizza that much. But the future mother in law loves it so I got it ready to make her homemade pizza today.

I did finally get a picture of the maple tree, with the rocks around it.

wpid-20140511_065559.jpgthanks for getting rid of the plastic!

The trees are finally starting to grow some leaves! This winter was just awful.

wpid-20140511_065727.jpgcrab apple, crab apple

With any luck, the pizza will turn out, the future mother in law will be pleased, my aunt will be pleased, the garden will grow, the herb bed will grow, the former berm will grow grass,  and we’ll all have a cocktail and a good time!

10 thoughts on “Trying to Make Sense from Nonsense in the Garden

  1. Nice! We’re hoping for a big crop this year, last year was great, but there wasn’t much to save. Also, we’re going to try to learn, God help me, to can.

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