Kefir Cheese, I Think…

I am terrible at following directions. Just want to get that out first.

Anyway, I know I haven’t chatted much about my kefir grains, mostly because, well, they just do what they do and I make smoothies out of them. It’s not terribly exciting. Some people are ALL over them with INSANE claims, but so far I am not quite as obsessed. Also, seriously, they probably don’t cure ever disease known to man. Calm down, guys. It’s a tasty, inexpensive way to make a beverage. Yes, they will help your guts. I will say I am a firm (harharohgodthatwasterrible) believer in that.

My grains have multiplied to ridiculous proportions, I have given away at least 3 portions and have been stuck eating them to keep the population down. They’re actually tasty, like a, I don’t know, I am not a food critic, but they’re kind of sour and zingy(?) I guess. I usually just add them to my smoothie and blend it all together. I make about 2 cups at a time, one for me, one for the dude I think I’ll get married to or something. The other day I made an extra batch because my life is sometimes boring and I read about making kefir cheese from Cultured Food Life and YOU CAN ALSO BUY HER BOOK AND PAY TO BE A MEMBER AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER STUFFFFFF WOW. Okay, she does have some really good information on kefir, and I am glad she’s able to make a living off of what she does, but, um, just read some of these…They’re a little odd. I respect anyone’s opinion, but um, wow.

Anyway, why not make kefir cheese? Not like it’s going to take long or be particularly difficult. Well, unless you happen to be me. I can make anything difficult.

Without further rambling, the kefir stored in the fridge from yesterday:

wpid-20140508_075527.jpgcurds and whey…fancy smancy up in here…

Even though Donna suggested to use a coffee filter, I decided to just use a napkin to strain the kefir. Simply because I have a french press and I don’t ever have coffee filters.

wpid-20140508_075334.jpgthis will be interesting…

Now, I was all excited to redneck rig something up to hold the napkin so the whey could drain, but fortunately or unfortunately a simple solution arose:

wpid-20140508_075822.jpg*giggles maniacally*

I literally tied the “bag” to the fridge. I am a class act. So, we’ll see how this goes! Hopefully it will be tasty and fun and stuff, but Donna scares me a bit…

*edited 5/10/2014 VIEW THE SUCCESS HERE!

One more tidbit before I go! I think I should play this song at my wedding…NSFW…


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