Playing in the Dirt

We finally got that berm knocked down!

wpid-20140504_151227.jpgtrust me, it used to be more of an eyesore

And guess what we found…

wpid-20140504_151213.jpgmore plastic!


wpid-20140504_151232.jpgmore rocks!

We had enough rocks to make a full ring around our maple tree! It looks really nice! But there’s other stuff I want to show you:

wpid-20140504_143612.jpgI also found this. I think it’s a scrunchie. How, compelling…

Enough shenanigans!

wpid-20140504_142831.jpgI bought some friends!

I bought myself a lilac bush, a pussy willow and a calla lily! Whoo hoo! There was also a fuschia,

wpid-20140504_145900.jpgnext to the goofy flamingo and rain chime.

wpid-20140504_145909.jpgI love these!

wpid-20140504_145926.jpgsorry the blooms are kind of crap, it’s fresh from the store.


wpid-20140504_142850.jpgTHANK GOD I DON’T HAVE THUMBS.

Now, I’ve dug a hole before and planted a lot of trees a lot drunker than I was while doing this. It’s not rocket science. But, of course, the yard fought with me.

wpid-20140504_143605.jpgdelightful paper stuff, I think it was originally intended to keep the weeds out.

wpid-20140504_143855.jpgoh look, gravel. LOTS AND LOTS OF GRAVEL.

wpid-20140504_144356.jpgmore gravel!

And, I kid you not, under the gravel, plastic!


Ok, I get it, it probably was there to trap water or something, but SERIOUSLY, do you need PLASTIC around and under your garden? Cool it, lady!

After a lot of pacing, complaining and sassing, I managed to get back to work.

wpid-20140504_145316.jpglilac, in the ground. not super impressive yet…

wpid-20140504_145321.jpgcloser inspection

wpid-20140505_092522.jpgpussy willow, in the ground, also not dreadfully impressive yet…

wpid-20140504_150252.jpgcalla lily, in the pot! Yey!!

Finally, I feel like I am getting something done with this yard, it was making me crazy! Next step, well, that is a fine question. I think I need to recover a bit from my plastic tantrum and arm flailing. Cocktail time!


10 thoughts on “Playing in the Dirt

  1. Man, every time you post about plants and gardens, I wish you lived closer to me. I have to find new homes for my fig tree, olive tree, two lemon trees, and coffee tree (all indoor plants right now, but some can be relocated outdoors in a year or more). Le sigh. What am I gonna do with all these trees??? >_<

    • Damn! Maybe try I wish I could take them, for sure! Here in Illinois, only corn and soybeans grows well. And dandelions.

      • I’m sure the lemon trees would be okay. 🙂 Lemons are sturdy trees. The coffee is def something that has to stay inside. I also have pineapples growing and a bunch of houseplants.

      • Ummmm, share pics??? I’m so jealous! I dunno, can lemon trees handle -30°? This year was crazy! We haven’t had a day above 60° yet and only literally 3 days above 55°! Ugh, sorry, I needed to get a rant out!

      • I’ll post a blog about my trees in a couple of days because I’ve raise most of them from twigs and the lemons from seeds. They’re all still saplings. but still… I’ll be sad to see them go. 😦 I’m way too tired to take pics tonight though. I’ll have to look up about the lemon trees, but maybe they can grow indoors or on a patio?

      • Whoo! Will you post a link here when you get to it? Unless I beat you too it! I’ll check on lemon trees too, but I’m pretty sure it’s too wild up here!

      • I just checked, you’ve have to have it in a container to bring it inside during the winter. But it can be done! ^_^ Just think. Lemons! I just planted a bunch of seeds and two of them started growing. Pretty cool for me. 🙂

      • Oh man, more plants to hoard! 🙂 I did have an avocado that sprouted in my worm bin (actually, several have, this particular one was the most robust) and it only lasted a bit before it wilted off. Might just be the seed, as it was a commercial avocado. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! I need to move to a better climate!

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