The Diamond Tetras are Breeding

Well, this morning I went about cleaning the fish tank, which if you recall, just got populated with Diamond Tetras. And guess what they did? Made babies. Let me get you the whole visual here:

I am siphoning out the tank and as usual, I’m just watching the muck go through and a muck chunk begins to swim down siphon, fast.

*insert an intense amount of curse words*

Now I am fully aware if I have almost siphoned up one baby fish, there’s at least a few I didn’t see. Of course I can’t just dump the crappy water bucket! Noooooo, gotta save those little suckers!

*insert more swearing, very colorful*

So I went with the ol’ tried and true, dump the bucket in the tub with the drain closed and get on my hands and knees with a flashlight and a clear shot glass and look for two teeny tiny eyes and a tail. I found three and I dug pretty hard.

wpid-20140426_101453.jpgthis. this is a shot glass. there is a baby fish in the upper right of the shot glass. this was the bigger one, believe it or not.

Ugh. Normally, I don’t mind so much, I mean I like baby fish, but I wasn’t expecting them this soon! Calm down, tetras!

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