When Life Hands You Lemons, Find Someone Who Got Vodka…

Hello Everyone!

Firstly, I am so sorry I have been so absent. Lately, life has been violently throwing lemons in my direction (nothing ridiculous, just annoying and perpetual) and I have been very busy and have not had time for this blog. Which stinks. A lot. I miss all you guys terribly and will be back with interesting ramblings soon!

On the agenda:

  • I am going to try to make my first batch of homemade laundry soap from a recipe from a coworker.
  • More bread! I want to try to use Francine in a batch of pitas.
  • Hopefully it will warm up enough in Illinois to plant my seedlings and start my herb bed.
  • At some point, I am going to get some trees! I want a lilac, a pussy willow and some blueberry bushes.
  • Soon I should be done with the crochet sweatshop and be able to start the lining of my wedding dress.
  • Some basic information on fresh water fish tanks and how to set one up for success.
  • Harvesting the worm bin.

That’s what I have so far! I’ve got to run off to work, but I will definitely keep in touch with you crazy kids! Can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to! 😀


8 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons, Find Someone Who Got Vodka…

    • Ha! In this case it was a ton! Just bizarre, random, stupid problems that on their own? No big deal. All at once? Rather freaking obnoxious!! I was on chit creek without a paddle!

    • Oh man, I’m going to add my email address to my “about” page. I didn’t think about it! Seriously, it was so crazy I literally refused to do anything but have cocktails when I got home. I put the crochet, everything aside. Just the dumbest problems, all at once! Thank you for your concern! Hopefully things will wind down now, but just to let you know as I hit “post” on this blog entry, I got a phone call for another RIDICULOUS, STUPID and UNNECESSARY problem. It was so ludicrous, it’s not even worth posting about! Ugh, just a no good time over here! And it’s all little dumb problems that can easily be solved, just CONSTANT! Being an adult is LAME! 😀

      I think that recipe is the same as the one I’ve got. I am going to try to make it Friday night or Saturday during the day. Does it work well? I can’t wait to try it! 😀

  1. It works great for me! That’s why I’m gonna make some more. I’m glad you’re okay. I totally hear you on being an adult (totally hear you). If life hit you with things a little at a time then things would be okay, but it’s when everything comes at you at once that you just want to scream. Just remember (and I know it’s lame, but works for me) This too shall pass.

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