Another day older and deeper in debt…

I meant to reblog this earlier, but ya know life and shenanigans got in the way. This is an absolutely clever post on how to get yarn for dirty cheap! Please read! 🙂

Willow's Corner

I love that song. I learned it when I was a young’un and it helped shape my view of the working world. That and King of the Road

Yeah, I grew up poor. But I never felt ashamed of it because there were songs like this around, and books with characters who felt no shame of their poverty. After all, my poverty wasn’t my fault, was it? I had no choice in it. Where I went after I grew up, that is where my destination lay. But my childhood? I just rolled with it.

So anyway, the daily prompt asked about our work, whether we enjoy our job or if we felt it was drudgery.  I’m disabled, thanks for the reminder, writers of the daily prompt. 😛 I know they can’t keep everyone in mind, but hell’s bells, I’m sure I’m not the only person in their demographics who doesn’t…

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