Seamstresses, Please Help!

Good morning everyone! Today is going to be a busy day for me. I plan to make a poolish with some collected yeast from our wedding beer, the future in-laws are coming over, it’s my only day off and I wanted to make a quick request before I got started on my shenanigans!

I need help. I have a coat, a favorite coat ever and it is older than I am and has seen better days. It was my Grandpa Charles’ jacket and he passed away shortly after I was born. I wear it quite often and it is just starting to really fall apart. It’s, seriously, a very cool coat.

wpid-20140327_084509.jpgit’s a bit of a canadian tuxedo, but I LOVE IT!

Honestly, tell me that is not the coolest coat ever? Ok, maybe love is a little blind, but I adore it. Firstly, it was my Grandpas, secondly, it is so beautifully well worn that it goes with anything.  If I’m going to try not to look like a complete redneck, I wear bright colors with it and a great pair of boots. Besides, my family’s more vaudeville than redneck. Otherwise, it is just honestly such a comfortable and freaking fabulous jacket, I can’t bear to see it fall apart.

So, what should I do? Let me show you the most distressing places:

wpid-20140327_084517.jpgthey don’t work…

The buttons have almost fallen off and the button holes have become so tattered that it honest to goodness does not button. Are patches applicable? Should I darn it? Am I even using the correct words?

wpid-20140327_084524.jpgsleeve one

Could I patch that? Would it be wise? Or should I just stitch it together as best as I can?

wpid-20140327_084534.jpgsleeve two

This one is a mess. Please help? Ideas are welcome!

Those are the place where I am most troubled. The lining is absolutely acceptable and the pockets are fine. There are no holes anywhere else. If you can help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment or send me an email at and I will be eternally grateful!!!

Thank you! I will be back with more shenanigans!


5 thoughts on “Seamstresses, Please Help!

  1. If it were me, I would totally take that bit of the sleeves apart (seam-ripper) get an old pair of jeans or thick material, cut pieces the same size from them and put them back together. It is not beyond the realm of hand sewing here…

    I would also just get some thick material or old bits of jeans and patch over the areas with the buttons and buttonholes and just sew new buttonholes. There are ways to make it look funky and cool. It wouldn’t look the same, but I like the look of patchwork on older clothes… that could just be me though.

    One thing if you use old jeans, back them with interfacing to stabilize the patches and sew the edges. I use a blanket stitch but… like I said, I like the patchwork look.

    Or you could take it to a tailor and see what they can do…

  2. I can barely sew a button on but if it was your Grandpas it has to be salvaged! I would be taking it to my mums house (failing a sewing kind of ma, a tailor, yes sirree!). I am pondering what a family of vaudeville looks like, sartorially speaking!

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