Day Four

Still no computer. Mostly because I have been too lazy to further examine the computer in the basement. Our crew grows impatient. Despite the promise of spring, it has snowed yet again. A joy to live in Illinois. Regardless, I have managed to secure a secret recipe from an older woman I work with for applesauce cake. If you ever think you’re super interesting and clever, talk to an older person, you will discover that not only are you boring, your grandparents already did it, and tell better jokes than you. And they are dirty birdies. My great-grandmother Bertha (Birdie) used to tell a joke that I did not get until recently and it is terrible and hilarious. In order to make this, I am researching how to make applesauce from apples. I do not trust applesauce bought from the store, due to the strange fact that my greyhound absolutely loves apples and refuses to touch store bought applesauce. This is suspicious and I really don’t trust store processed food anyway. Apple pie filling is mainly turnips, Google it if you don’t believe me. It looks fairly easy to make, thankfully. Anyway, I plan to venture down to the basement and check on the computer situation soon. Otherwise, I have no idea when I will be able to post more moderately amusing posts with pictures and links and adequate spelling.

Regards, bmary

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