Day Two

My comrades and I continue the good fight. We have been without a computer for too days now. Thankfully, the internetz have not abandoned us as will. Our only mode of communication is a so called “smart phone” which has bean a godsend. I have gathered a few messenger pigeons just in case. To keep my mind occupied I been using the so called “smart phone” and reading blogs written by the brilliant people I follow. I am currently safe, in a secure shelter, under a sturdy piece of furniture. We have many crochet blankets and way two much bread, as that has kept my hands that were used to writing terrible and unfunny things on the internetz busy. I also, in my great boredom, have attempted to make sauerkraut. I must find the strength to go forth and pay my taxes, for Uncle Sam takes pity on no one. Maybe I will ride my bike, should the Lord provide us with whether that is not unseemly. I must go now, autocorrect on this so called “smart phone”  is causing me to heap curses upon it. Every single word I right must be checked that it is not complete nonsense, or as my phone just suggested, binary. Clearly, that was the word I meant when I swiped “nonsense.” May God, in his great mercy, send us a computer with the internetz soon. Amen.


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