Ok, so I’m stuck on my phone writing this post due to a laptop meeting with stairs in an unholy cacophony. Bummer. I just got nominated for another award by Green Lizard this time!

Normally, this is where I would post a ludicrous selfie that would express my surprise and EXTREME gratitude, but my phone is a pain.

Anyway, I am currently sort of daisy chaining through the blogs posted by Green Lizard to find new and fabulous blogs to follow, which is fun! However, because I’m on my dumbsmartphone it’s taking a while! Please always feel free to post a link relevant to any post I make, or any blog post you think I should read, I’m trying to discover as many fabulous blogs as I can!

Thanks for your patience, everyone!



  1. Hello..thank you for stopping by. There are so many great blogs depending on your interests. Mine is nature and has been going for 8 years now..Let me know what you like and maybe I can steer you in that direction.. Michelle

    • Fabulous, thank you for commenting!!! Geez, honestly I like pretty much all topics! But some fantastic nature blogs would be wonderful! What are your favorites?

  2. You’re not supposed to introduce your laptop to the stairs. They hardly ever like one another. Hope you’re up and running soon. Try freecycle, people have older laptops lying around all the time that they can’t unload because they think they’re worth more than they are.

    • T’was not I! Don’t worry, the fiance knows how to fix it for cheap! Thank God! I have a laptop too, but it’s literally older than the dinosaurs. Maybe I’ll get myself a newish one that way though! Good idea!

  3. We have a couple of older than dirt ones laying around here somewhere too, which might work in a pinch should we ever need them. I’m thinking of firing one up and using it as a dumb or “offline” computer so I can get a book written. No online = less distraction. Yanno?

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