Ok, ya’ll know I hoard houseplants. I mean, I think I’ve showed you guys like 10 out of the 33+ I have. It is crazy. But I do love plants. And trees, why haven’t I mentioned trees? WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING? I love trees! I grew up on a lot that was BURSTING with trees. I had trees for climbing, trees for peeping on bird nests, trees for hiding, trees for making forts. I had trees, man. I even have a special blue spruce that was planted on my exact birthday. It’s still alive, when stop buy my dad’s house, I will post a picture of it. Last time I saw it, it was at least 20 or maybe 30 feet tall. It’s huge! Did you know there is a “pine tree” that sheds it’s needles in the winter? My childhood neighbor had one. Omg, trees.

Well, over at Green Lizard‘s blog, she wrote a post about following a tree outside her house. It really got me thinking.

My neighborhood has some great trees. I personally love oaks and maples the best. And we have some old, old, old oak trees, so tall you can’t even see the leaves unless you look straight up. We have maples galore, a few willows here and there. One of my neighbors has a Japanese maple, my favorite tree ever. And there are, believe it or not, considering our climate, ginkos! I’ve always followed the trees wherever I live. My old apartment have some beautiful trees, the font yard had a red maple and there was a weeping willow across the street. Have you ever seen a curly willow? My future in laws and my uncle have one. JEALOUS!! We had some arborvitaes in the back yard of my apartment complex, a living privacy fence. If you went through the path between them, there was an empty plot of just enormous oak trees.

Every year at my uncle’s house we plant baby trees that have started sporadically from seeds outside and it’s a whole day of mud, mayhem, beer and trees! Next time I am out there, be prepared for pictures!

Right now, my yard only has 6 trees in back, two big ones we share with the neighbor and some shrubs. I’ve got my eye on getting a truck load of trees, but that will be for later. So, here are my tree friends! I’m mostly identifying them from memory, so I might be very wrong. They just look like sticks right now.


But I did dig back into the vaults to find pictures that I had take last year of the trees, so this is I believe from last fall


wpid-20131009_132854.jpgprobably the same tree, they are next to each other

I’m definitely not sure what he is. I will post more pictures when he grows leaves again! The bird feeder tree:


is a red maple. You won’t believe how amazing it looks in fall. There are so many amazing trees by me, I can’t wait til they grow leaves! I haven’t really thought about them during this terrible winter, but I will post pictures this year for sure!


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