Kalanchoe Gone Wild! (what am I feeding these things?!?)

So last month I cut down my kalanchoe (you will recognize it better with flowers) because it had stopped producing flowers and was getting rather dull looking. As it is a rather pleasant green, I was not bothered to cut it down. This morning, I got a surprise!

wpid-20140228_110610.jpgwhat on earth are you up to?

A red flower! Two red flowers! It used to be pink, so I have no idea what’s going on!

wpid-20140228_110538.jpgwon’t she be surprised?!?

I didn’t think it would flower again so soon! More flowers in February!


wpid-20140228_110635.jpgmaking more flowers!

Well, that puts a smile on my face on this dreary snowy day! Sorry I haven’t been around much, but work has kept me up to my elbows lately, which I can’t complain, but I’ve just been busy! I hope these flowers will cheer you like they did me! 😀

Hope you have a wonderful day and I promise I will catch up with you all soon!


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