Free Romaine Planter from a Cat Food Bag

I am such a hoarder sometimes. For whatever reason, I saved the last bag of cat and dog food, just the bags. Ok, I usually do in case the cat destroys the litter box. Or I might need a heavy foil bag…for a planter, I guess. Well I remembered that I had saved them last night and decided to make a romaine planter! Why not?

wpid-20140218_083301.jpgthis is what we’ve got. and coffee.

If you’ll note, the bag of dog food is puppy food. Have you seen my dog, Angie?

wpid-20140218_083349.jpgshown here under a blanket. her natural habitat.

She’s about 8 and definitely grey in the muzzle. But she is an Italian Greyhound and her metabolism is fast. I once put her on adult food for a month when she became an adult and she got so skinny her bones jutted out. Not a good look. So I have to keep her on puppy food. Either it’s more palatable or there’s more protein and fat in it, I don’t care. I don’t need a wispy greyhound. I need a nice healthy stinky little greyhound to chase tennis balls and make sure the blankets get rearranged.

wpid-20140218_083431.jpgthis is Lucia and she wanted a selfie too.

I originally wanted to use the dog food bag but it had a hole in it. Ugh.

wpid-20140218_083631.jpgnice tape job.

So we had to go with the cat food bag and the dog food bag as the dish.

wpid-20140218_083613.jpgcut down some excess

wpid-20140218_083755.jpgsorry for the blurry picture, but Inspector Greyhound had to inspect what I was up to.

wpid-20140218_083837.jpgthe cat heard a food bag rattle. she may be old, but her ears work.

wpid-20140218_083819.jpgcut some drainage holes

Down to the potting bench!

wpid-20140218_084402.jpgnot too shabby, if I don’t say myself.


How fabulous! Free romaine planter! Right now, I still don’t have anything worth harvesting, but I’ve got two more in water dishes working on growing, so who knows? If nothing else, I’ll have enough to supplement the grocery haul. I’m thinking they will kick more butt when it’s warm enough to put them outside. We literally had another blizzard yesterday. Oh, Illinois. Why can’t it be spring?

More things too! My Unlucky Bamboo is not thrilled about life right now.


But it is getting that slimy goo that plants get when they’re starting to root. I tried to take a picture for you.

wpid-20140218_090107.jpgstill a jerk.

I am sure they will be much happier when they get roots and go into pots. I wish they’d hurry it up though. Also, Francine a l’Ancienne got to work yesterday while I was at work. She literally ate the bowl. She’s warming on the counter right now because I didn’t have time to bake her off last night. So that is coming soon. I did finish that skirt I was complaining about and I will probably take some selfies so you can see it. It came out pretty nice! Next sewing project will be a hippy dippy tunic top thing (fabric pictured in that post), so stay tuned. I might get that started today, but I still have phone calls to make about wedding stuff and some other things to do, so we’ll see. Stay tuned for bread!


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