Monday is For Brush Cleaning

Once a week, usually on Monday I clean my hair brushes. Because, let’s face it, they get disgusting. Also, I am stalling because I have a lot of phone calls to make and I hate talking on the phone. Indulge me, please.

So, as I have mentioned before, I don’t use shampoo. Or baking soda, or anything else to clean my hair. Just water and a good bristle brush. This has led to a few discoveries.

1. I never shed hair in the shower, only on my brushes

2. My brushes quickly get disgusting

Off to a good bath!

wpid-20140217_092741.jpgyou’ll need a sink

In order to do this, mise en place, people, mise en place. You will need a sink, your hair brushes, regular dish soap, white vinegar and a towel. I have my old bristle brush that I use as a scrubber to clean out my new ones. It works very well, let me tell you. You should see what kind of delights I can get caught in a brush!

wpid-20140217_092850.jpgmy wonderful kent brush with a cleaning tool, my regular brush and my sacrificed not so great brush.

First, I pull out 10 pounds of hair. Okay, not that much, but there’s a bit in there.

wpid-20140217_092946.jpglet them hang out with some dish soap

I let them soak for about 15 minutes or so and then get to scrubbing away. It comes off really easily, thank God, so it’s not too much of a tribulation. Then I rinse them well and drain the sink. Refill the sink with white vinegar and water.

wpid-20140217_095538.jpgthey sell it by the truckload

The vinegar will break down the soap and get rid of the suds. Soak them again, maybe give them another scrub and shake the drops off. Quick rinse.

wpid-20140217_095735.jpgit’s like being at a spa

Use the ugliest and oldest towel because you are too lazy to find a kitchen towel that doesn’t look like a civil war bandage even though you bothered to take a picture of this step.

The brushes will dry in record time and, hurray! Clean brushes ready for use! Trust me, if you’ve never cleaned your brushes, you will be delighted to find all sorts of adventures in there. It doesn’t take terribly long and doesn’t have to be done terribly often.

7 thoughts on “Monday is For Brush Cleaning

  1. I usually use the long, pointy end of a fox-tail comb to get the hair and a lot of the icky stuff out between washing the brushes, but then I pretty much follow your procedure. Less often of course, because I do shampoo.

    Oh, and I will do anything to avoid talking on the phone too. My house is never so clean as when I have phone calls to make (or right before I’m expecting company).

    • Ugh, I did manage to get all the phone calls out. So I can have a wedding LOL! I am such a slacker! The pig roast guy took 5 hours to call be back and of course I was at work by then. At least he apologized profusely. So that means another round of phone calls today!

      • I got married last year, so I know all about THAT! Luckily, I had a good friend help me with a lot of the arrangements. And! I avoided making a lot of phone calls by showing up at people’s place of business to arrange things. Ours was a simple, casual wedding, so we only needed to arrange a place, a caterer, and a DJ… after that, it was up to me and my friend for all the rest. Busy, but fun!

      • I think I have most of it under control. Tent, chairs, tables, pig roast, we are making the sides, we’ve got a line on booze and I rented two portopotties. We just need someone to officiate and some minor decor stuff. Oh, and I need to make a dress. Ha! Oh, too, my brother is literally, no joke, a musical genius, and he’s going to write and play or music. Am I missing anything? We have a photographer too. Please help! Experience is appreciated!!!

      • My hubby’s best friend went online and got ordained so he could be our officiant. Took him next to no time and it’s completely legal in most states. I made my own “programs” but mostly to explain the non traditional element s of our wedding to his very traditional family.

        We had a way small wedding though — 56 people, so it was easy to plan. It was still VERY helpful to have an organized friend by my side. ^_^

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