Free Plant Pots!

Sorry I am posting so much today, but I hate waiting to go to work and I was poking around the internet and found a link about what to do with old coffee bags. And then I looked at my sad celery and romaine, still stuck in their water bowls and how much I did not feel like wasting a pot on them. BAM! Recycling!

Right now I don’t have any empty coffee bags, but I do have an old water jug that we kept…for some…I, I really don’t know. I think I was going to use it as a watering can or something but then I forgot.

wpid-20140217_145339.jpgmanna from an episode of hoarders

Well then! That will do until I manage to drink more coffee! Off to the man shop to find a tool…

wpid-20140217_145455.jpgexacto blade. i also put some holes in the bottom.

And let’s go rescue the sad celery!

wpid-20140217_145721.jpgit probably hates me

wpid-20140217_145846.jpgthe newest bunch

Okay them, drop the scraps off to the worms while I am down here and let’s plant these babies!

wpid-20140217_150154.jpgBOOM SUCKA! Right next to the sensitive plant, which germinates in the dark, hence the slop sink.

Okay, I feel clever. Probably shouldn’t, because this is a pretty obvious idea. But, who knows? Maybe the celery will take off enough that we can stop buying it!


7 thoughts on “Free Plant Pots!

  1. I love peanut butter and celery… esp peanut butter. Oh, I wanted to mention that old jugs are good for storing emergency water (not for drinking). It’s good to have at least three day’s set by in case something happens (like your water line freezes) and you don’t have access to fresh water. People always think to set by drinking water, but not water they need for things like washing. Just a thought.

    • Good idea! I know I need to be more prepared, I’m putting a rain barrel on the registry! I once had the water out at my old apartment for 6 hours and it was the strangest thing. I mean, it wasn’t like horrific, but it’s weird how much I take it for granted.

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